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Take Up To 10% Off Generac Generators Instantly!

Aug 21, 2014

Nothing is worse than being left without electricity in your home. Hurricanes have a tendency to do that to you. Don’t take it personal. Instead, be ahead of the curve and plan out a backup. Nothing protects your assets better than investing in a generator. Having a family or business means that you might have more to take care of besides yourself. Spending days or weeks in the dark is not an option. For a business owner, that could account to thousands or even millions in lost revenue. Could you afford a hit like that? If you are a mother or father, could your children live without running water or power? Think of all the products in your house that need electricity to work. Scary, right?

Starting today (August 21, 2014), Generac is offering up to 10% off portable and standby generators. The sale only runs until August 28th, 2014. Take the opportunity to think ahead and save yourself some money at the same time. It can’t hurt to be prepared when extreme weather devastation is knocking at your front door.

Visit our Generac page to start saving today!

Get a FREE Milwaukee M12 Tool Instantly!

Aug 1, 2014

Starting Today (August 1st), get a FREE TOOL INSTANTLY when you purchase a qualifying Milwaukee M12 kit. There’s no better time to invest in the #1 Sub-Compact System on the market. Milwaukee has 60+ tools that run off of the same Red Lithium M12 technology. Included in that 60+ catalogue is more than a handful of Milwaukee M12 products powered by FUEL Brushless motor technology, the NEW movement in the cordless market. Find out for yourself what professionals and DIYers have been saying since the release of the original M12 line-up.

This Milwaukee FREE TOOL promotion runs from August 1st – August 31st 2014 and Quantities MAY be limited. Don’t wait too long to get the best value on tools that can be labeled as “Nothing but HEAVY DUTY”. Click here to shop now for your Milwaukee M12 tools!

Take an Extra 10% Off JET Milling and Metal Drilling Machinery!

Jul 31, 2014

You rely on your shop equipment every day. If a piece of machinery goes down it can put a huge damper on your shop’s overall production and can account for weeks or more of lost revenue. JET is very aware of the needs of its customers and designs reliable products to minimize situations where you lose money. Reliable, quality engineering and manufacturing goes into every product that comes out of their factory. JET machines are built and tested to tight tolerance standards to ensure you are getting an excellent product. Not to mention the fact that there products are back by JET Red Assurance. Red Assurance is one of the industry’s most comprehensive warranties.

Starting August 1st 2014, we are offering an exclusive JET sale. Take an EXTRA 10% OFF All JET Milling and Metal Drilling Machinery. This includes some of their HOTTEST and most popular mill drills, vertical mills and metalworking drill presses.

Take advantage of the savings and start filling your shop up with one of the most reliable industrial brands on the market. Click here to starting browsing our JET sale page now!

Get a FREE Milwaukee M18 4.0 XC Battery with XC Kit Purchase!

Jul 21, 2014

Not all cordless tools are created equally. How does your current cordless set hold up to daily abuse? How long does your battery last before you have to pop them on the charger? Are you getting the torque you deserve out of your hammer drills and impact drivers?

These are all valid questions that you need to consider. You might not be getting the full potential out of the time spent on the job. Milwaukee Power Tools knows that great work last longer. If you use better quality tools you will get better output. Sometimes competitor brands just can’t deliver the power your need to cut through that pipe, to drive that screw or bore that hole.

From now until July 31, 2014, we are offering a FREE M18 4.0Ah XC battery when you purchase qualifying Milwaukee M18 XC kits. This gives you the chance to save on a brand of tools that is known for being “Nothing But Heavy Duty”! View our website to see the eligible M18 XC kits from Milwaukee.

Don’t Be Left Without Power During A Heat Wave, Get a Generator

Jul 12, 2014

Most of us are exposed to harsh elements each season from hurricanes to massive snowstorms. All of which can leave you in a situation where your power can go out. Of all these elements people tend to forget one of the worst, heat.

Right now, many of us are having picnics, going to the beach or in our backyards cooking a rack of ribs that are drenched in mouthwatering barbeque sauce. Summer brings tolerable weather that allows you to do these things. Summer brings the type of weather that allows you to be active and enjoy the sunshine for at least a couple of months, but it also brings the dangers of a heat wave.

On a 105 degree humid day, many of us will find it too hot outside and will seek shelter in our air conditioned homes. The problem with that is everyone in your region has the same idea. Excessive power demands cause an overload to the grid and we are left with what most of us know as “rolling blackouts”.

Many people believe that a heat wave itself causes power outages but it’s actually the excessive use of electricity that leaves many of us with no power during the hot weather.

Okay. So you lose power in your house, now what? You might say “My family can muster through the heat; it’s just nicer to be in the AC”. However, you would be sorely mistakenly. A lot of issues arise from not having electricity during a heat wave.

The first is rapid food spoilage. Did you just make a large grocery trip recently and drop $300 on meats that you froze for the month? It doesn’t take long for the heat to seep in or the pure fact of not keeping your frozen food at a set temperature to spoil all of it.

The second is running water. Sure, plenty of us stock up before a hurricane on the staples like bottled water and bread. How many of you think the same way when the forecast is calling for a heat wave? Having running water is important for staying hydrated and sometimes you can never have enough bottled water. Your body needs it to survive and your body is sweating what you have to help keep your body cool.

The third issue and the largest of them, is heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. Elderly people are at an even higher risk because excessive heat puts huge strain on your heart. Constantly being exposed to excessive heat can cause someone to faint or in worse case scenarios even die.

That’s why it’s important that you plan for the worst. Don’t put yourself or loved ones in a situation where you are taking dangerous chances and buy yourself a generator.

Generac is a leader in backup power systems and carries an extensive line of portable or standby generators. We carry Generac generators from home use from 3,250 watts to standbys that go up to 20,000 watts. We also sell Generac generators designed for use in commercial buildings so you can protect your business. To check out all of the great Generac products that will keep you out of the dark and secure, visit our Generac page.

JET Ups The Ante On The NEW 3HP 14″ Steel Frame Bandsaw

Jul 10, 2014

What happens when more horsepower is added to an already rock solid 14” steel frame band saw? You get the JET 714550. JET continues to provide you with best products for the task at hand, improving the original 1-3/4HP 714500 model to a now impressive 3HP motor. The NEW 3HP 14” Steel Frame Band saw is perfect for someone who is looking for a little more power beneath that white JET frame.

The NEW 3HP has all of the same benefits and features as the 1-3/4HP, so nothing new there. However, we will highlight the features in case you are not familiar with the original model that Fine Woodworking and Pro Tool Reviews gave high marks on.

The JET 714550 offers 13-1/2” of resaw capacity. This beats other JET models on the market. The JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14” Deluxe Band Saw offers 12” of resaw capacity and the JWBS-14OS 14” Open Stand Band Saw only offers 6” inches.

Operating the fence has never been easier with a versatile fence system that ensures superior precision when every cut you make in the workshop has to count! It’s been redesigned with laser etched scale and micro-adjust features. Not to mention the all-important heavy-duty quick release tensioning on this saw.

The JET 714550 Band Saw is designed with a four-sided blade guard and the ability to remove blades from the front of the table without bending or angling them in anyway.

Want to learn about how you can take your workshop to the next level? Visit the JET 714550 14” Steel Frame Band Saw product page on our website to get any specifications you may need or to purchase this rock solid machine!


$200 Off Generac Portable Generator/Transfer Switch Bundles

Jul 7, 2014

Why go through the aggravation of having to pull out the 50 and 100 ft extensions cords when a storm is coming? How about just hard wiring a portable generator to the house? Going now, Generac is offering $200 off qualifying portable generator and manual transfer switch bundles. This gives you almost everything you need to get hooked up. Just remember to have a licensed electrician install it for you. Promotion includes various sizes from 6500 watts up to 10,000. Promotion ends July 14th! To check out what the prices on these bundles look like, visit our $200 off Generac Promotional Page.


Life Gets Easier with the Bostitch Smart Point Brad Nailer

Jun 27, 2014

One of the biggest complaints that we get from our contractor customers when it comes to a pneumatic nailer is the size of the nose. It doesn’t matter how well a gun drives a nail if you end up putting the nail in the wrong place. This can be a big issue if you are using a nailer on trim or crown molding when doing interior work. Bostitch has solved this issue with the new Bostitch BTFP12233 Smart Point 18 GA Brad Nailer Kit.

The Smart Point Brad Nailer allows easy nail placement because of its smaller designed nose. Like other Bostitch nailers, the Smart Point has a capacity of 5/8” to 2-1/8” but it allows you to actuate the tool without compressing the contact trip. This gives you the versatility to handle jobs at many of the common detail work depths.

Looking to properly countersink the nail? The Bostitch BTFP12233 has a great Dial-A-Depth control for precise countersinking of brad nails. After all, nothing is worse than have a nail sticking out a 1/8 of an inch on a work surface that is to delicate for hammer use.

Need more information about the Bostitch Smart Point BTFP12233? Visit our product page and learn more. This product is available NOW. Take your work to the next level and invest in Smart Point Technology.

JET Summer Metalworking Savings Event Starts Soon!

Jun 6, 2014

The JET Tools Red Hot Summer Savings Event starts June 9th. Receive a 10% discount on All JET Metalworking Machines*. This savings event includes 10% off: radial drill presses, bench lathes, vertical milling machines, horizontal band saws and much more. Now is the chance to save and go RED. Start filling your shop up with a brand that offers industry leading warranties and U.S based tech support.  Savings event ends Jun 23rd, 2014.

Browse through our JET metalworking selection and get ready to save on June 9th!

*Sale excludes Hot Buys and All Metalworking Accessories. Other exclusions may apply.

Take 5% Off Generac Portable and Standby Generators!

Jun 3, 2014

Don’t want to be left in the dark when a storm hits and your town has a blackout? Power outages can happen anytime of the year and can occur due to: extreme heat, a snowstorm or a natural disaster. Now is a better time than ever to invest in the safety and well being of your family or business.

Tools Plus is currently offering 5% off all Generac Portable and Standby Generators. This offer available now through June 8th, 2014 with the 5% discount taken off the price of the generator INSTANTLY!

Generac is a leader in backup generator powering and has been since 1959. They were the first to engineer an affordable home standby generator. They were also the first to engineer an engine designed specifically for generator use. So it’s no surprise that they are the #1 manufacturer of home standby units. Generac carries a full line of portable generators ranging from recreational power source to full home back-up solutions. See for yourself why Generac is #1 and invest in generator while the discount is still available!

Visit our Generac page to get started on the path to protecting the things that matter the most to you!