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Constantly Evolving the Way Tools Plus Serves the Customer

Apr 17, 2014

Tools Plus strives at bringing the customer the best experience possible when shopping with us. This is true when you browse our products online, call us up to speak with a customer service agent, or visit our retail store location in Waterbury, CT. That’s why we made the move to redo the layout of our retail store. For those of you who remember, our aisles used to be long north to south aisles that went from the front of the store to the back. Our products that we sold were organized by the type of tool you were buying or the trade that you used them in. This was nice unless you were looking to see everything that we offered in one brand (which many were).

So we worked with our top manufacturers and came up with a floor plan that would provide a more open space and allow customers to shop by brand. Brands like: DeWalt, Porter Cable, Bostitch, Stanley, Makita, Milwaukee and Bosch were at the fore front of the project. These brands helped us established official pro centers that allowed for dedicated brand locations in our 9000 sq ft retail space. Later Hitachi, Freud and Wilton followed suit with doing the same too.

Being a small business we have a history that stretches over the course of 35+ years, so we also decided to add memorabilia from our earlier days in business for an extra “touch” on our walls. This includes staff photos, souvenirs and even our replica Ricky Carmichael dirt bike given to us by Makita that hangs in the middle of the store off the ceiling.

Come by and check out everything we’ve done to make shopping a WHOLE lot easier for you. Our retail store location is at 153 Meadow Street (take exit 21 just off of I-84) in Waterbury, CT.

JET and Powermatic Woodworking Machines Are Built for Excellence

Mar 6, 2014

Are you a woodworker or someone looking to get started in this field? Do you find yourself in need of a table saw, planer, jointer, band saw or even a lathe? When you are investing in something like that, it’s going to cost you. Just make sure that when you are buying woodworking machinery, you are factoring in the quality of the product. You’re not going to want to buy something that you’ll need to replace in a year when you COULD buy machines that could last you 5, 10 or even 15 years.

Don’t sell yourself short.

Too many people buy what they need now at this second and don’t factor what they might need a year from now. This way of thinking is fine when you are talking dollars and cents, but it doesn’t work so well when you are looking to upgrade in a year’s time to fork out the cost of whole new machine because your current one doesn’t have the speed, the cutting capacity or the necessary additional features required to complete a job.

Luckily you have options outside of what a big box store might sell you. You have the internet and the ability to read reviews from professionals and peers. A lot of brands are tossed around in the woodworking industry but the two brands that come to mind when I think “quality woodworking machines” are JET and Powermatic.


Both of these companies have been in operation for over 50 years. Powermatic started in 1921 and JET started in 1958.

More years in business = more knowledge of the business

JET offers reliable product support and over 750 authorized service centers around the country that you can bring your product to. You can be assured a qualified local technician can help troubleshoot, order parts and repair your equipment should a problem arise.

Powermatic offers a 5-YEAR WARRANTY (non-industrial) on most of their products. This is one way that Powermatic continues to show after being in business for over 90 years, they still deliver the Gold Standard on all of their products.

JET and Powermatic’s products have received RAVE reviews from creditable sources like Pro Tool Reviews, Fine Woodworking magazine and Popular Mechanics.

Popular Mechanics gave the JET (707100) 10” Compound Miter Saw a 4.5 out of 5 rating in their recent review of miter saws. This 10” Compound Miter Saw features an innovative green Xacta laser, a powerful 15 Amp (4800rpm) motor, and delivers precision cuts.

Pro Tool reviews and Fine Woodworking really loved the JET (714500) 14” Band saw and honorably noted that this “band saw is big on re-sawing” with a 13-1/2” re-saw capacity. Not to mention this band saw also features a durable steel frame design.

Fine Woodworking labeled the JET 12” Disc Sander (708432K) a Top Tool of 2013. This 12” disc sander has an efficient canister filter, offers virtually a dust free sanding environment, heavy-duty steel sanding disc and reliable safety.

In 2012, Powermatic PM701 (1791310) Benchtop Deluxe Mortiser was named Top Tool of 2012 by Fine Woodworking Magazine. Just one of the many products made by Powermatic that was recognized for its superior quality and performance.

All in all, you could make a decision that you might regret in a year or two when it comes time to upgrade. OR you could start with a quality product and cut out the headaches of having to reinvest when your “for now” model machine fails to meet your needs. Either way, have no doubts that Powermatic and JET bring superior quality to the products that they make from the dust collection to table saws!

And from now through March 10th, 2014 you can save 15% off both of these brands as part of a huge Powermatic and JET March Woodworking Sale. Don’t miss out on your chance to grab excellent quality at an even better price!

Take 15% Off JET and Powermatic Woodworking Machinery/Accessories Now!

Mar 3, 2014

Nothing says excitement like JET and Powermatic news. These brands are some of the best known woodworking brands in the industry and offer products with superior quality. That’s why it’s no surprise how crazy it gets when their machines are on sale. Any sale is good, but 15% off is AMAZING.

Now – March 10th, JET and Powermatic woodworking products are going to be an impressive 15% off. This will include both machines and accessories. Lathes, Table saws, Band saws, Planers, Dust Collection systems, and Jointers are just some of the products included in this across the board discount.

In fact, JET has even decided to include the JET 714500 14” Band saw. This band saw has been getting RAVE reviews the last couple months and will continue to be a popular grab throughout the sale period. 15% might not seem like a lot been your buying a $1000 table saw, that equates to a $150 discount. How could you go wrong? Take a look at all this March Woodworking Sale has to offer.


Introducing the Wilton 10010 ATV All-Terrain Truck Vise / Hitch Vise

Feb 24, 2014

Wilton builds superior products and has been doing this for over 70 YEARS. Nothing says knowledge and experience like Wilton tools. Wilton continues to raise that bar with its soon to be released Wilton 10010 ATV – All-Terrain Truck Vise. There’s nothing like it on the market and brings the portability professionals want with that Wilton quality that you’ve come to expect.

This All New Hitch Vise has an impressive 5-3/4” Jaw Capacity and 3” pipe jaw. Built into the design is a convenient carrying handle to make transporting it, a snap. This Wilton truck vise fits a standard 2” hitch and features a locking pin so you can leave it in your hitch while traveling. This truck friendly vise also has a durable 360 degree locking handle to hold your vise in the position you want it. All of these features allow the Wilton All-Terrain vise to withstand the destination you’re headed whether it’s: highway, dirt road or no road at all in the rain, sleet or winter snow.

You can’t be expected to leave your work at home when you’re on the jobsite, so why should you have to leave your vise? Expect more from your work holding equipment and get yourself the new Wilton 10010 ATV- All-Terrain Truck Vise. Give your truck the upgrade that it’s needed.

Metabo Delivers the Strongest Battery in the World

Jan 2, 2014

Metabo just released something that no other professional power tool company has… a 5.2AH 18V BATTERY! In a market now filling up with new 4.0Ah batteries, Metabo beats the competition in strides to the strongest battery in the world with the longest run time. Not only that, Metabo slaps a 3-year warranty on this battery to standby its quality. With 5.2Ah, you’re able to drive screws, drill holes, saw, cut, grind, polishing for even longer — completely without the need of a power cord.

You can also now work up to 75% longer (compared to 3.0Ah battery pack) without having to recharge, so you can get more out of your day. This extra time might even get you through a normal working day without having to charge the battery. What other 18V battery can offer you that?

Often customers are worried about their battery getting heavier when they want longer run time. However this is not at all the case with the Metabo 5.2Ah battery. This battery gives you the same size and same weight as the previous Metabo 3.0Ah battery pack but all of the extra runtime.

Another great feature is the battery’s temperature resistance. For those of you who work in extreme weather conditions, you understand that you generally cannot use a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-Ion batteries have been known to have issues operating in very cold weather. The 5.2Ah battery pack delivers 100% power from -15 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius eliminating these worries. This is a breakthrough feature for Metabo and reinforces why the 5.2Ah is the strongest battery in the world.

We carry two NEW kits that feature this innovative 5.2Ah battery. The first is the SSD18LT-5.2 18V 5.2ah ¼” Hex Impact Driver Kit. This impact driver features variospeed electronics with a maximum torque of 150Nm (at setting 3) and a speed of 0-2,599/min.

The second kit that includes the 5.2Ah battery is the SB18LT-5.2 18V 5.2ah Hammer Drill Kit. This hammer drill has a max torque of 531 in. lbs and RPM of 0 to 450/ 0-1,600. All of this power comes from a Metabo 4-pole motor design with a high-performance impact mechanism.

Both of these kits are part of system that utilizes Metabo’s Ultra-M technology. This technology provides you perfect communication between machine, battery pack and charger.

If you are interested in any of these products, check out the Metabo section of our website for more information or to purchase you’re a new Metabo 5.2Ah tool kit.


JET VOLT Variable Speed Hoists Coming Soon

Dec 30, 2013

JET will soon be releasing yet another innovative product group to add to their already extensive line up of industrial tools. JET introduces their VOLT variable-speed overhead lifting technology that will be featured in their line of variable speed electric hoists that will launch in mid-January. VOLT hoists offer you true variable speed control that will allow you to lift and lower faster when you need the speed, but be able to slow down the speed when you need the control. It’s that simple.

VOLT hoists will also feature Full-Range Speed Control with soft starts and stops. Having this feature allows you to extend the life of the gear train components, load chain and hooks/brake components because it eases into the motion rather than jolting.

VOLT hoists feature the quality you’ve come to know and love from JET. They offer a full range of safety features that will protect you and your machine from harm. One of these great safety features is overload protection. Standard across the VOLT line, this form of protection prevents the operator from being able to lift more than the rated capacity of the hoist. This protects the user and the equipment from damage or harm. Another great safety feature is the electromagnetic brake. This heavy duty, electromagnetic brake is designed to secure the load even if the power is interrupted to the hoist.

The VOLT hoists are designed with a grade 80 black oxide load chain and include a 24V 2 button controller. If durability and performance are your #1 priority when it comes to your equipment, then look no further than JET for your entire industrial tool needs.


JET JWBG-8 8” Woodworking Bench Grinder Offers the Most

Dec 17, 2013

A couple months ago JET introduced the 8” Woodworking Bench Grinder to the market. The feedback has been very positive. The JET 726100 is a slow speed grinder that features 1725 rpm and operates at a speed optimal for sharpening common tool steels. It’s never been easier to sharpening your woodworking tools than it is with this cutting edge piece of equipment. JET’s innovative tool rests take the unnecessary guesswork out of sharpening with an integrated angle indicator and reference lines for alignment. Chris Gochnour from Fine Woodworking states that the “real bright spots of the JET grinder are its tools rests. They are far superior to any stock rests on the grinders I have used”.

The JET 726100 also packs on a hefty 57 lbs (quite a bit more than its competitors). For those you know familiar with grinders, this is actually a good thing because it reduces the vibration that’s put out by a bench top grinder.

Chris Gochnour later mentions in his review of the JET 8” woodworking bench grinder that “the JET is the best grinder I’ve used”. Chris wrote his article “Bench Grinders for Woodworkers” last year, but I’m sure if he had the redo he would add pick the JET 726100 as the Best Overall bench grinder over the rest.

What comes standard on the JET JWBG-8?

- Two (2) high-quality Norton® wheels – 3X High Performance (80 grit) for coarse grinding and an Aluminum Oxide (100 grit) for finishing grinding.

Interested in learning more about the JET 726100 or want to buy it? Check it out at our website.

Don’t forget — Read the full review by Chris Gochnour of Fine Woodworking


Dewalt Announces USA Built Cordless Tools, Hand Tools and More

Nov 12, 2013

The term “made in the USA” or “built in the USA” is a huge motivator for many Americans to buy the product over its foreign made counterpart. These same hardworking Americans feel that it’s important to: reinvest in the American economy, to prevent more money from heading out of the country and instead put that money in the hands of another hardworking American. Now more than ever, the American economy is the most important topic on the average American mind and now more than ever, it’s important to continue building it.

Recently Dewalt has delivered some HUGE news. Since early October, Dewalt has begun the manufacturing of USA built Dewalt tools using global materials in Charlotte, North Carolina. The 75,000 square-foot facility is up and fully running this month (November 2013).

Dewalt is a global power tool brand with American roots (invention of the first radial arm saw) and feels it’s important to have more of its products built by the same Americans who used them on job site day in and day out. Over 600 different hand tools, cordless tools and accessories will be built in the USA with global materials. Of the 600 different tools, it includes Dewalt’s most popular products such as the 20V MAX Lithium Ion Compact Drill/Driver Kit (DCD780C2) and the 20V MAX Lithium Ion ¼” Impact Driver Kit (DCF885C2).

Dewalt also feels there is an opportunity to offer professional users a cordless option that is built right here in the USA with global materials because of the popularity of the 18V and 20V in the US power tool market.

How you can tell if the tool is built in the USA compared to its foreign made counterpart? A Dewalt product that is built in the USA with global materials will feature a special “Built in the USA” logo on the packaging and will also say on the nameplate of the tool along with product specifications.

USA built Dewalt cordless power tools, hand tools and accessories will be available soon.

For more information on these USA-built DEWALT tools, check out Dewalt’s dedicated website:


Tools Plus Offers Free Shipping For Items Over $50

Oct 22, 2013

Nothings more bitter to swallow than that part of checking out when you get to calculate your shipping cost before paying for your order. What you thought was just a $60 product ends up being a $70 purchase (thanks to a $10 shipping charge). The holidays are a time for giving and you’re being squeezed for every last cent you possess. Honestly, we prefer to keep your cash in your pocket. That’s why Tools Plus is offering free shipping for items over $50 during this holiday season.

What more could you ask for from your favorite online power tool store? How about rewards points? Sign up for our FREE Tools Plus Rewards Points Program and start earning points towards awesome gifts like: branded t-shirts, hand tools, gift certificates, and great novelty gifts with every purchase you make. Just ask the thousands who have already joined and started earning.

Jet Metalworking Sale – Free Accessory Offer (10/1-30th 2013)

Oct 1, 2013

Jet Metalworking Free Accessory Offer