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SnoBrum: The Perfect Snow Removal Tool For Your Car

Jan 26, 2015

Do you own a SnoBrum? If the answer is no, have you ever heard of a SnoBrum? Car dealerships have been using them for years. Try to imagine the face you make when thinking of having to clean your car off. It’s probably the same face you make when you eat a lemon. Nobody likes to clean their car off.

It’s cold. Your snow brush you bought at the gas station doesn’t reach across your car. Even with a brush the snow still manages to sneak under your gloves or in your jacket sleeve because you have to bury your arm into 12 inches of snow or more to get your brush to the bottom. It’s terrible.

You might say “well I use a shop broom or my house broom” to clean my car off. Well that’s great and all, but have you cared to look at the damage that does to your car. The bristles put tiny little scratches all over it. You might as well let someone get on your hood and key your car.

SnoBrum The Snow Removal Tool

The Original SnoBrum

The SnoBrum offers the solution to all of the above. The SnoBrum is designed to provide easy snow removal without damaging your car. This snow pushing, non-scratching, portable, light weight snow removal tool is indispensable to anyone who faces snow at some point during the year.

Can’t reach across your car with the standard snow brush? No worries. The SnoBrum snow removal tool has an aluminum telescoping handle with special cold resistant nylon threads and can extend from 27” to 46”.

So you’re thinking “Oh, it just has a Styrofoam head on the end of the handle”. Not the case. The head is made of high grade, durable foam and cross linked polyethelene. This type of material and construction prevents scratches or scuffs to delicate surfaces like: cars, trucks, trailers, awnings, spa covers and more. Not to mention the head is 16-3/4” wide x 6” high.

Almost every employee at our company Tools Plus owns one of these. In fact, I own both a SnoBrum and a SnoPro. The SnoPro is very similar to the SnoBrum snow removal tool but it has a solid fixed handle and a higher quality head. The SnoPro is approved for use on Class A finishes and is ideal for commercial use.


JET Tools Partners with HGTV for Ellen’s Design Challenge

Jan 23, 2015

JET Tools featured on HGTV - Ellen's Design Challenge

JET Tools has just announced that they partnered with HGTV as the primary woodworking tools supplier for the show, Ellen’s Design Challenge. The program showcases six furniture designers who are challenged to create beautiful pieces of furniture. At the end of the season, one winner will get a $100,000. Each designer will be supported by a skilled woodworker/carpenter. The show is produced and will be hosted by Ellen Degeneres (The Ellen Show). Ellen’s Design

Challenge premieres on January 26th at 9/8C on HGTV. This isn’t the first time that JET Tools was given recognition with their woodworking products. JET’s woodworking products have also been featured in: Fine Woodworking Magazine, ProTool Reviews, This Old Workshop, Popular Mechanics and more!

Interested in checking out what great products JET Tools has to offer? Visit our JET Tools Woodworking section at



Bosch 18V Wireless Battery Charger: The Future of Jobsite Convenience

Jan 19, 2015


If you own a cordless power tool than you are very familiar with taking the battery off the tool when it dies and plugging it into the wall charger. It’s a requirement or it at least it WAS a requirement.

Bosch Power Tools has introduced a new technology that becomes an industry first and changes the way you charge your power tool battery. This technology allows you to keep your battery on your Bosch tool while it charges on the jobsite.

Bosch calls this their Power Ready Wireless Charging System.


Bosch introduces the Power Ready Wireless Charging System for Bosch 18V Power Tools

The Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charger creates an electromagnetic field that tops of or maxes out your batteries charge. Bosch designed this system to minimize the time wasted on jobsite from having to recharge a dead battery. Now you can simply place your drill/driver down on the charger and pick it up when you need it again. This will give you the ability to replenish it in between periods of use.

The reason that Bosch refers to this new wireless technology as a system is because they come out with accessories that allow you to customize the way you use your wireless charger. So far they’ve released a charging frame and mobile holster.

The charging frame is for a basic setup.  The charging frame will mount to any surface. Once it’s been mounted, you simply slide the wireless charger into it and plug into a wall.

Bosch DDS182-102 locks into the Mobile Holster

The mobile holster is pretty cool accessory. The mobile holster has a custom tool lock-in feature for Bosch 18V drill driver, hammer drill/driver and impact driver models including: DH182, IWBH182, DDS/HDS182, DDS/HDS182 and DDH/HDH18.

Mobile holster mounts to any shelf or sidewall vertically or horizontally for quick and convenient access. Have Sortimo shelving? This holster is compatible with easy tool-free mounting capabilities.

Interested in investing in wireless power tool battery technology?

We carry kits that include the new wireless charger as well as the individual wireless accessories. See a list of links below.

Tool Kits:

Bosch CLPK233WC-02 18V Wireless Charging Combo Kit

Bosch DDS182WC-102 18 V Brushless Drill Driver w/ Wireless Charger

Bosch WC18CHF-102DDS 18V Drill Driver Wireless Charging Kit

Bosch IDH182WC-102 1/2 In. Socket Ready 1/4 In. Hex Impact Driver Wireless Kit


Bosch WC18C 18V Wireless Charger

Bosch WC18F 18V Wireless Charger Frame

Bosch WC18H 18V Wireless Mobile Holster

Bosch WCBAT612 18V 2.0 Ah Wireless Charging Lithium-Ion SlimPack Battery

Bosch WC18CF 18V Wireless Charger and Frame

Bosch WC18CF-102 18V Wireless Charging Starter Kit with 2.0Ah Battery and Frame

Bosch WC18CH 18V Wireless Charger and Mobile Holster

Bosch WC18CHF-102 18V Wireless Charging Starter Kit with 2.0Ah Battery, Mobile Holster and Frame


Fight the Cold with the Bosch PSJ120 12V Heated Jacket

Jan 10, 2015

It’s time to go to the jobsite. It’s 7:30am on a Monday morning. You step out of your front door and you’re met with 12 degree winter air. The wind chill whips your face and it feels like 10 below. You’re going to be up on a ladder all day or maybe servicing someone’s standby generator. You’ve prepared but nothing you wear can prevent that piercing wind and now the falling sleet.

We’ve all been there and it’s just part of the job, but it doesn’t have to be something you just deal with. Bosch has listened to their customers. They came out with something that will assist you with your day-to-day work, the Bosch PSJ120 12V Max Heated Jacket.

Bosch PSJ120 Heated Jacket Full Kit

Powered by the same battery used in their popular 12V power tool battery system, the PSJ120 heated jacket gives you what you need to fight the elements. The Bosch heated jacket is both wind and water resistant. It provides you with up to 8 hours of warmth on a single battery charge and is controlled by one button (with three color coded heat settings). The battery itself sits in its own pocket at the bottom front of your jacket and feels like nothing more than a cell phone (In my opinion).

BHB120 Battery Holster charges USB devices and is powered by a Bosch 12V Battery

Speaking of cell phones, the battery holster that holds the battery also allows you to plug in and charge your phone via USB. There is a small button on the holster that lets you toggle that ability on or off. Need somewhere to keep your phone? The Bosch PSJ120 Heated Jacket has a chest pocket that can store your phone while its charging or just for safe keeping.

The jacket side pockets on these are nice and deep. The Bosch heated jacket also has document holding netted pocket on the inner right side too to keep you totally equipped.

Probably one of the best features of this jacket is its SLEEK. Some of the competitor jackets don’t give you that professional jacket. This jacket can be worn to a business meeting or even to a holiday party with your family at a nice restaurant.

Netted pocket for holding important documents on the jobsite. Located on the inner right side.

Along the seams of the front and back of the arms is reflective material that reflects light for maximum awareness in the early morning or late evening hours.

I’m not just throwing you talking points from a Bosch flyer, I own one of these jackets myself and have a lot of firsthand experience with it.

If you are looking for something that will help you fight the cold every day, then the Bosch PSJ120 12V Heated Jacket is it. You can purchase your heated jacket at Tools Plus from Bosch Heated Jacket page.


JET Tools vs. Grizzly Industrial: Which Machinery Should You Choose for Your Workshop?

Dec 18, 2014

This is a bold question and a very loaded one. When comparing two competitors machinery, you usually need to address them on a SKU to SKU basis. This is typically what Wood Magazine and Fine Woodworking do. They test comparable models from several brands and give their opinion of the superior product. We all find this very helpful when we are indecisive, but what you have to keep in mind is that it’s often a matter of personal taste. We might prefer the location of the on/off switch on JET bench top wood lathe over the location of the switch on a Grizzly. This doesn’t mean our wood turning buddy will.

I’d rather address a very important determining factor that most of you forget about, service and support. Most of us have purchased a product in our lives that has broken or malfunctioned prematurely.

There’s several issues wrong with this situation.

  1. You have a short warranty window so your issue is not covered
  2. The product seems to break, die or malfunction right after the warranty period.
  3. When you call to talk with someone, you get a series of automated prompts and never a human being.
  4. When you do get a live support person, they have been outsourced and aren’t even US based.
  5. Service parts take forever to come in and they never have what you need in-stock ready to ship.
  6. You may have to ship your product back to manufacturer, have them inspect it and then have the issue handled.

So I’ve looked at both of these widely popular woodworking brands. I first addressed the length of the warranty. Grizzly offers a 1-year warranty on all of their woodworking machinery. JET Tools on the other hand offers an impressive industry leading 5-year warranty.

JET Tools has 40,000+ unique parts in stock at their Tennessee facility

JET also offers what they refer to as the “JET Red Assurance”. JET Red Assurance is a service and support program that:

  1. Has U.S. customer service
  2. Has U.S. tech support
  3. Authorized service centers in all 50 states (750 Authorized service centers to be exact).
    1. Note: This is where you can take your product locally to get it inspected, repaired or replaced under warranty when you have issues.
  4. Extensive online resources
  5. 40,000+ Unique parts in stock

JET Tools shipping facility is based right in LaVergne, Tennessee and we had a chance to go down to see it all. We were very impressed with their operation. Their facility is very clean and organized with their parts all in designated locations. They pride themselves on quality machinery and that’s why they stand behind such a long 5-year warranty.

JPW Headquarters (Home of JET, Wilton and Powermatic machinery)

When I checked into Grizzly I found that they don’t really offer their own version of “Red Assurance”. Grizzly actually requires you to ship out your defective product for inspection if under warranty to one of their three facilities. Once they inspected it and deemed it a warranty issue, they would then repair or replace it. Unfortunately this creates a potential for a huge downtime before your machine is back to for production.


Service starts at the beginning too. Unlike Grizzly, JET doesn’t sell direct but rather to a network of dealers who sell their products. Our company (Tools Plus) happens to be one of these authorized dealers. Grizzly charges freight on all machinery over 70 lbs which can get expensive for you woodworkers out there. JET, when purchased from Tools Plus comes with Free Shipping over $50. This free shipping also includes free lift gate service (a service that Grizzly charges $34 for). Lift gate service is crucial for residential customers who aren’t able to lift 300 lbs out of the back of the truck.

Interested in JET Tools for all your woodworking needs? Check out our JET Tools page at our website.


Generac Generators Help You Survive a Winter Power Outage

Dec 11, 2014

The storm season is here. The “winter storm” season that is. It’s important to remember how dangerous ice and snow really is. Just last month, Buffalo New York was hit with 6 feet of snow. People were trapped in their houses without power and there was just too much snow to plow. It was not pretty. Just a couple days ago, New York and Vermont were hit with a 1 ft of heavy wet snow and many are now left without power.

What’s important to remember and what people tend to forget is that your power can go out at anytime during the year. Dangerous weather exists around us all the time. Think about it, in the spring/summer its thunderstorms/tornadoes, in the fall it’s hurricanes and in the winter its snow.

Many of us aren’t proactive either but rather reactive. When we know a hurricane is coming, we flood the grocery store to buy 30 cases of water and 12 loaves of bread. When a huge snow storm is coming, we rush to the hardware store to buy all their road salt and every shovel in stock. We never think about the long term. What happens if we’re left without power for 2 weeks and we have no way to run electric heaters or hot water?

No flashlight, snow shovel or loaf of bread will turn your heat back on. This is something that only a generator can do. Having a generator is the best way to think long term. But you don’t just want any brand; you want a reliable product that will work when you need it to. That’s where Generac comes into play. Generac is a leader in home backup systems. They offer both portable and standby generator solutions to help protect your family and household.

Generac 5747 XG8000E

A great portable option from Generac is the Generac 5747 XG8000E. This generator is 8000 watts of power and has an electric start (yes, no pulling required). It allows you to run it for 10 hours at 50% load on full tank of gas. A 1-1/4” steel tub cradle is built around it for added durability and it also comes equipped with never flat wheels for mobility.

A great standby option from Generac is the Generac 6461. This generator is 16,000 watts of power and is an air cooled standby generator. It can be powered by either liquid propane (LP) or natural gas (NG). The best thing about this unit is it already includes a 100 amp 16 Circuit automatic transfer switch.

See our full list of portable Generac generators or our full list of Generac home standby generators and start thinking proactively.

Have a business? Generac has solutions for you as well. They have standby generators to accommodate all sorts of power requirements for your business. To see a full list, visit our Commercial Standby page.


NEW JET 14” x 40” Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe Gives You Robust Features!

Oct 6, 2014

JET continues to improve and expand their woodworking catalogue. Today they officially released the JET JWL-1440VS and JWL-1440VSK 1 HP variable speed woodworking lathes. These new products add new and exciting features to an already extensive line of JET bench top and floor model woodworking lathes.

With these new machines, you are going to see a new and improve style of sliding headstock that can also pivot 360 degrees with seven positive-locking positions at: 0, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 and 270. This will provide you with a full range of outboard turning capabilities. If you decide to go with the floor model (719400K), an extension bed can be mounted in three separate positions for larger outboard turnings and increase capacity between centers (60”).

Variable speed range has increased too in comparison to the JET JWL-1442VSK. Instead of the 450 – 3000 you are used to seeing; you now get that little extra with a 400 – 3000 speed range. Combine this with JET’s 1HP single phase TEFC motor and you are well on your way to all the control you need.

Ever have issues with slippage? The positive locking tool rest features a redesigned clamping system that creates point of contact control.

If you are looking for a full-featured lathe for your shop, look no further than the new JWL-1440VS and JWL-1440VSK from JET. With a robust list of features mentioned and so much more left, you can rest assured that you will have everything you need to have: full control, power, precision and flexibility.

Interested in the JET JWL-1440VSK Floor Model? Learn more or buy at our official product page.

Interested in the JET JWL-1440VS Bench top Model? Learn more or buy at our official product page.


JET 716300 17” Drill Press Is Built For Performance

Sep 9, 2014

JET 716300 17" Drill PressToday JET officially release the new JET 716300 17” Drill Press. The 716300 joins an already extensive group of JET woodworking drill presses. The JET 716300 looks to improve upon the success of the JET 354173 Deluxe Drill Press with robust features in a lightweight design (over 70lbs lighter).

One improvement is the spindle travel. For a lot of woodworkers, the spindle travel on their bench or floor stand drill press isn’t sufficient enough to go cleanly through the stock they have. Users often have to compensate for this by: create hole guide templates, placing shims under the wood stock as the bit goes through or simply flipping the stock around to hit it from the other side freehand. All said options are a pain and frustrating to a user who “just needs another half an inch”. Well, JET has given the user a total of 5 inches in spindle travel (vs. 4-3/8” with the 354173).

Table size hasn’t been improved significantly but it has increased from 14 x 18” to 14 x 19” with a table edge designed for clamping. In an industry that relies on the utmost accuracy, having any extra work surface is good for the project at hand. Support not only comes from the work table but the base of the machine. A solid base provides stability and machine balance. JET has increased this to accommodate a smoother experience with the JET 716300.

Some internal benefits of the NEW JET 17” Drill Press is the sturdy cast iron head with a poly v-belt drive system for premium performance. The drive system delivers 16 spindle speeds with a spindle speed range of 210 – 3500 rpm. Never have enough light? This drill press also has a built-in LED work light to help with those jobs where you have to work in a poorly lit environment or you are running out of daylight.

Interested in learning more? Check out our JET 716300 Drill Press product page with additional specs and pricing on this new JET Tools product.


Powermatic PM701 Mortiser Earns Best Overall Choice From Fine Woodworking

Sep 8, 2014

For those of you woodworkers out there who missed it, the Powermatic PM701 Benchtop Mortiser was named “Author’s Best Choice Overall” in the August 2014 issue of Fine Woodworking. This isn’t the first time that the Powermatic PM701 has been recognized. Back in 2012, Wood Magazine labeled the Benchtop Mortiser as “Top Tool”.

The Powermatic PM701 Benchtop Mortiser features in-line depth stop which allows the user to stop at preset depths without racking the mortise bit to the base. You prefer left over right? The reversible handle can be installed on either side of the head for user comfort and convenience. An issue you run into with other brands is your work piece slipping when you are drilling. The PM701 avoids that with a stock hold-down that has a double lock system to maximize efficiency. Also, adjusting the fence has been made easier with Powermatic’s rack and pinion design; you can now provide simple fence adjustments.

There are a lot of features on the Powermatic PM701 Mortiser that earned it the top acknowledgements among popular woodworking sources. Checkout the Powermatic PM701 now and understand what’s like to own something with a Gold Standard.


Milwaukee M12 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander: Cordless, Compact and Fast

Sep 2, 2014

The auto-detailing industry is a big market with a lot of manufacturers invested into it. So it’s hard to find a product that stands out from the competition when everyone else is making something similar. We as company dedicated a portion of our own e-commerce store to auto-detailing. We carry one of the most popular professional electric car polishers on the market. We also carry a brand of polishing pads that have received a lot of customer praise since we first brought them in. However, just a couple months ago we were introduced to a new product from Milwaukee Tools that was much different than I’m used to seeing.

Milwaukee 2438-22 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander with wool pad attachment for polishing

They showed us the Milwaukee 2438-20 M12 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander. This is the most compact cordless variable speed polisher made by a professional power tool brand. The polisher is powered by the same M12 lithium-ion battery system that you would use on the jobsite with corresponding Milwaukee tools.

Selector Switch from Polisher to Sander on Milwaukee 2438-20

Picture - A view of the mode selector on the Milwaukee 2438-20 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander

Milwaukee has made a dual purpose out of this tool too, allowing you to either polish or sand at the switch of button (see picture 1). How fast it revolves is all dependent on the pressure you put on the variable speed trigger. When sanding, you have an RPM range of 0-8,300 RPM. When you’re polishing, you have an RPM of 0-2,800 RPM. Need to quickly change applications? The Milwaukee 2438-20 has a tool-free accessory change to speed up the time you might have spent with some type of wrench or fastening tool.

For those of you looking to replace your big corded polisher, this is meant for that. This M12 Polisher/Sander is designed to complement a normal full size product in small areas of your vehicle (or spot polishing). The Milwaukee M12 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander can be purchased in 3 different ways (all of which include a 5-pc accessory pack).

1. Milwaukee 2438-20 (bare tool version): This option is ideal of someone who may already have other Milwaukee M12 tools and batteries to use with it. It comes with the 5 pc accessory pack, a side handle and a carrying case.

2. Milwaukee 2438-22: This option is a full kit and provides you with everything you need to start polishing. It comes with the same 5 pc accessory pack, a side handle, carrying case but also includes TWO M12 Red Lithium batteries.

3. Milwaukee 2438-22X: This is option much like the 2438-22 is a full kit too. The only difference between the two kits is that this one includes: one REDLITHIUM XC High Capacity battery and one regular REDLITHIUM battery.