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Winter Tool of Choice: Sno Brum Automobile Snow Broom

Dec 19, 2016

Sno Brum Automobile Snow Broom

We all go out to our cars after a snow storm and STARE at the mess that awaits us. It’s intimidating and even 3” of snow looks scary. So what do you do? You’re going to walk over to your car and clear it off before you start shoveling/snow blowing the driveway. You’ll grab your trusty snow brush and start cleaning.

I don’t know about you but I don’t consider the everyday snow brush as trusty. I mean it’s a better option than using your glove or worst, your bare hand. But trusted tool of choice?


You can do better. Take a hint from your local car dealerships. They generally aren’t using the common snow brush that you have grown accustom to.

They’re using a Sno Brum.

What’s a Sno Brum? It’s a snow removal tool for vehicles. It allows you to easily push/pull the snow off your car quickly and efficiently. The magic happens on the foam head. It gives you the power of using a household broom but without scratching the surface of your car. The foam head features the same high grade, durable foam and crosslinked polyethylene used by auto dealers to clear dozens of cars per snow storm.

Need to store it away after using it? It has an aluminum telescoping handle with special cold resistant nylon threads that collapses the handle from 46″ to 27″.

Are you holiday shopping? They can be given to a family member, friend or neighbor as a gift.

Tools Plus has them in-stock now and offers price discounts if you purchase more than one Sno Brum at a time.

Shop at Tools Plus

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Reasons to Buy a Generac Gas Pressure Washer

May 10, 2016

Everyone should own a gas pressure washer.

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you have spent 15 years paying a mortgage, you need to have gas pressure washer (or power washer). You as a homeowners tend to forget the filth that your car, home, outdoor equipment and stone walkways accumulate during the year.

It’s not your fault.

We see our house every day. We don’t realize that film of dirt covering it. The process is gradual and our eyes adjust to it gradually.

It’s like seeing your kids every day. You don’t realize how much they’ve grown. However that great aunt from Florida that you see once a year at the family picnic is “Like wow they’ve gotten big”.

Ever rent a steam cleaner to clean those rugs in your living room that you had so long you couldn’t remember the exact color?

Cleaning Decks with Generac Gas Pressure WashersYou ran that steam cleaner over the rug and just like magic, the carpet looked factory new.

It wasn’t gradually cleaned. It was cleaned instantly. You became that great aunt from Florida looking at your kids. You realized the difference immediately. It was a quick before and after.

Gas pressure washers peel away dirt, mold and grime from various surfaces to show their true colors. They’ve give you an instant change.

But not all gas pressure washers are equal. You need a Generac gas pressure washer.

So why should you buy Generac?

  1. Generac pressure washers are USA engineered and built
  1. Generac OHV engine: Generac makes their engines. Each engine comes standard with a low-oil shutdown that competitor engines don’t offer. Not to mention that many competitor pressure washers don’t make their own engines.
  1. Checkout the Generac pressure washer reviews out on Google – Their current line of cold water gas pressure washers are receiving an average of 4 out of 5 stars.
  1. Generac customer service is US based customer service
  1. Generac has a full line of residential gas pressure washers that range from 2000 PSI to 3100 PSI. This includes the popular:
    1. Generac 6923 3100 PSI Pressure Washer (that replaces the Generac 6598)
    2. Generac 6602 4-in-1 OneWash Pressure Washer with Variable-pressure Technology

So you like the reasons why Generac is good pressure washer choice. Great!

Then you might say to yourself.

“I’ll just rent one”

Renting a gas pressure washer for 24 hours could cost you anywhere from $70-$100 from a big box home improvement store.

Let’s say you decide to spend a 3 days after work power washing the grime off your vinyl siding, stone walkways, fence and lawn equipment. That’s a total of $210-$300.

At that price you can purchase a brand new gas pressure washer (for under $300) that you will own for many years. I’d like to say it’s well worth the investment.

Want to start taking care of your home, outdoor equipment, fence or stone walkways?

Shop now for a Generac Pressure Washer at Tools Plus.

Majestic 2152 Winter Work Gloves – Maximize the Warmth in the Cold Weather

Jan 9, 2016

Winter is here! If you live in the US, most of you have experienced at least one cold winter’s chill in the early AM or late at night. For others, you’ve already been hammered with a ton of snow. So it wouldn’t be too farfetched to assume that your winter gloves have probably seen at least one wear since the start of the winter season, right?

My question is have you ever really assessed the effectiveness of your gloves? There are tons of gloves out there and each serves it purpose but all gloves aren’t created equally. If you need gloves that are functional, breathable and winter resistant consider winter gloves from Majestic Gloves.

You may or may not have heard of Majestic Gloves but they have an extensive line of work gloves. In fact their current product catalog has over 100 styles of gloves. We currently carry just a few of these styles but one style of glove that I’ve personally enjoyed using is the Majestic 2152TW Bald Eagle Work Gloves.

Full view of the Majestic 2152TWThe Majestic 2152TW Bald Eagle Work Gloves are designed with a premium pigskin palm, a blue stretch knit back and a neoprene knuckle area. For those of you not familiar with neoprene, it’s a synthetic rubber material that is very flexible which is perfect for hand movement in many work applications.

The neoprene knuckle area allows for comfortable hand bending with the Majestic 2152TW

The gloves also feature Velcro wrist closure. Personally I like Velcro wrists closure because it allows me to tighten the gloves around whatever style of jacket I’m wearing at the time or around my bare wrist.

When you look at them you will probably say that they look a lot like Mechanic’s gloves and they are often advertised this way. However that strongly hides the fact that these are much more of a universal winter work glove than one might think.

Mechanic gloves by nature are often formfitting, durable and almost always flexible. They allow you properly utilize your fingers in the gloves when work on your vehicle. Winter gloves at your typical department store are bulky, stiff and not very functional at all. They typically feature an elastic wrist (that can wear out) and allow snow to easily fall into your glove.

Have you ever had trouble with gripping the handle of snow shovel or the handle of your snow blower? The Majestic 2152TW gives the flexibility to do so with minimal resistance, resistance that you might have with your typical winter glove. The gloves are also designed “pre-curved” to have a more natural fit to the contours of the human hand.

The MOST important feature of these gloves that really brings it home was the fact that they are both waterproof and windproof. These gloves utilize 3M Thinsulate Insulation. The unique microfibers of Thinsulate work by trapping air molecules between your hand and the stinging cold outside air. This allows the glove to be breathable and moisture-resistant. It also allows the glove to be thinner because it can trap more air molecules in less space. The gloves are also lined with a waterproof membrane to keep out the wetness.

Interested in Majestic 2152TW Work Gloves? Check them out here

Looking for the complete body warmth? Checkout the Bosch 12V Heated Jackets with 3 heat settings and Carhartt Winter Accessories.

Drywall Screw Guns: Cut The Cord with the Makita XSF03Z Brushless Cordless Drywall Screwdriver

Aug 21, 2015

Putting up sheets of drywall has always been a corded tool application, until recently. Makita released the new XSF03Z LXT® Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Drywall Screwdriver. The Makita XSF03Z is powered by the Makita BL Motor that delivers 0-4,000 RPM that will allow you to tackle a variety of drywall and framing applications on the job. The BL motor is a brushless motor that eliminates the use of carbon brushes in the motor providing you with more efficient energy at a cooler operating temperature.

XSF03Z LXT® Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Drywall Screwdriver

The XSF03Z features Push Drive Technology.

The greatest thing about the new Makita XSF03Z is what Makita refers to as “Push Drive Technology”. In lock-on mode the motor starts only when the fastener is engaged with a surface which gives you quieter work environment while optimizing battery life. Worried about it weighing too much? Not an issue. The Makita XSF03Z is only 9-7/8” long and weighs just 3.8 lbs with battery (battery not included with the XSF03Z bare tool model).

Looking for something that offers an auto-feed screw gun function instead? Makita has the Makita LXRF01Z 18VT LXT Lithium-ion Cordless Autofeed Screwdriver. At 5.2lbs, this auto-feed screw gun option is both lightweight and effective and is great for decking/sub-floor applications. This unit allows you to collated screws that range from 1-3/4” to 2-15/16”.

Interested in other Makita cordless tools? Check out a full list of Makita Tools and Accessories that we carry at our Tools Plus website.

Makita XSF03Z

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Milwaukee 2704 M18 FUEL ½” Hammer Drill/Driver Raises the Bar on Max Torque

Aug 14, 2015

Milwaukee 2704-22 1/2" Milwaukee Hammer Drill/Driver

The competition for most torque in a cordless hammer drill/driver is ON! Last year Makita released their XPH07Z 18V LXT ½” Brushless Hammer Drill/Driver and it was the leader of its pack by a stretch. It delivered a gut-busting 1,090 in-lbs of torque. The only ½” Brushless Hammer Drill/Driver to come close was the Milwaukee 2604 that provided just 725 in-lbs.

Well Milwaukee just recently announced the next series of their M18 FUEL line-up and on the list is the new Milwaukee 2704 M18 FUEL ½” Hammer Drill/Driver. What’s so special about it? Powered by the POWERSTATE Brushless motor it delivers 1,200 in-lbs of peak torque and up to 2,000 RPM for faster drilling speeds.

Torque, torque and more torque. What’s so great about torque anyways, you might ask? Let’s say you’ve got a spade bit in your chuck or a large wood boring bit. Perhaps you’re looking to bore through a thick piece of reclaimed or hardwood with this bit. Given that you have the right bit for the application. The more torque you have, the less likely you are to getting the bit stuck mid-hole because the hammer drill/driver bound up or “torqued out”.

Delays are fine if you’re doing a weekend project on your house and don’t have a deadline but if this is your job, then the common phrase “time is money” applies. Interested in picking up one of these new Milwaukee Hammer Drill/Drivers? These will be available for purchase at Tools Plus soon.

In the meantime, check out some other great Milwaukee M18 FUEL Brushless Tools on the market at our Tools Plus Milwaukee section.


Leaving Kids in Hot Cars: What to Do When You See This to Avoid Hot Car Deaths

Jul 23, 2015

It’s a 95° day and you are walking through the parking lot of local department store. You peering your head back and forth looking around. Just then you notice there is a baby inside of a parked car. The car is not running and the windows are rolled up. You look and the baby is still conscious but sweating profusely. What do you do?

You or someone else needs to immediately call 911. If you can manage to get the baby out of the car, paramedics or fire department personnel will need to attend to child for injury.

You need to find something to break the window. Believe it or not, car windows are EXTREMELY hard to break. Movies where you see someone smash a window through the center with a tire iron in one fatal swing is typically not accurate. There is an effective way of breaking car window glass but it requires a technique.

A car window’s weakest point is at the bottom right corner of the window (See Figure 1 below). Everyone seems to believe that it would be the center of the window where it’s furthest away from any type of support but that’s not the case.

Best Breaking Points on Window - Hot Car Deaths

Best Breaking Points on a Car Window to Avoid Hot Car Deaths


There are some great tools that you can keep in your car or on you that will assist you in situations like this. The first is the Astro Pneumatic 3088 Emergency Car Window Breaker. This single handed tool features a steel window escape hammer that quickly deploys at the flip of a switch. The Astro Pneumatic 3088 also features a recessed blade to cut a seatbelt if needed.

If you are looking for something a little smaller and simpler, you can purchase a spring activated center punch. These are typically used for punching, marking and staking most metals. Just put it at the bottom right corner of window and push down on the top of the center punch. The General 77 Automatic Center Punch is great choice because it’s more powerful than the $4 or $5 options out there and will give you far better success in a dire situation.

Keep in mind that a baby or toddler’s body overheats 3-5 times faster than an adult and children have died from heatstroke with outside temps as low as 60 degrees. Also remember that 80% of the increase in temperature happens in the first 10 minutes of the car sitting and cracking windows does not slow the heating process.

If you see this, be prepared. Consider either the Astro 3088 Car Emergency Car Window Breaker or the General 77 Automatic Center Punch as a way to help out in this situation. Nothing is worst than witnessing a preventable child fatality.

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Makita XPH07M Cordless Hammer Driver-Drill Delivers Best-in-Class Jaw-Dropping Torque

Jun 6, 2015

How many of you have a cordless drill? How about cordless hammer drill? Probably most of you have one or the other. It’s probably one of the most popular cordless tools to own because of its ability to be used by the homeowner, DIY, contractor or tradesman in various projects. The cordless tool market is an ever expanding market and has recently seen the emergence of the brushless motor in the last few years.

Makita_XPH07 Hammer Driver Drill In ActionMakita has been at the forefront with this Brushless technology and was the first to utilize it in a consumer handheld power tool. Makita continues to expand their line-up of brushless tools. Just recently, Makita shattered the market with the addition of the Makita XPH07M Brushless Cordless Hammer Driver-Drill.

Nothing brings more high-impact torque than this new Makita brushless power tool. The Makita XPH07M has the most jaw dropping inch-pounds of torque in its class and is able to tackle the roughest of jobs with a stiff upper lip. So just how much more torque does it have versus its competition? In comparison, the Milwaukee 2604-22 packs only 725 in lbs of torque and the Dewalt DCD995M2 has just 708 in lbs of torque whereas the Makita XPH07 boasts a whopping 1,090 in lbs of torque. That’s over 300 in-lbs of torque more than the closest competition.

Want more? The Makita XPH07Z when included in the XT252M or XT257M kit includes their BL1840 4.0Ah batteries which only take 40 minutes to charge vs. the hour or more the competition takes. This gives the ability to stay up and running for longer with less downtime between charges.

Makita has the world’s LARGEST 18V lithium-ion line-up amongst its closest competitors with over 100 tools powered by one style of battery (that now come in 3 different Ah). Looking to invest your money into a growing lithium-ion power tool system and a brand that is innovative? Check out Makita tools and consider buying the Makita XT252M 2-Piece Combo Kit or Makita XT257M 2-Piece Combo Kit

which includes the jaw-dropping juggernaut Makita XPH07M Brushless Cordless Hammer Driver-Drill.


JET 723950 JOSS-S Oscillating Spindle Sander Takes Hassle Out Of Sanding

May 16, 2015

JET 723950 Oscillating Spindle Sander - Main Image

Introducing the NEW JET 723950 JOSS-S Oscillating Spindle Sander

Just yesterday JET Tools officially released their new JET 723950 JOSS-S Floor Model Oscillating Spindle Sander. The features added or improved from previous models really give you that hassle-free sanding experience and eliminate a lot of the headaches you may be accustomed to. With the new sander you won’t really see any changes in the RPM or motor performance (compared to the Jet 708411) but some other key improvements can really make your job a lot easier.

To start, the new JET 723950 is designed with baffles. These baffles create a chamber under the table that improves dust collection. JET has also designed the table inserts to increase dust collection as well to save you the time of cleaning up the extra dust that your dust collector just couldn’t get.

On many oscillating spindle sanders your spindle assemblies are on the exterior of the unit. Usually they are stored directly under the work table. If you prefer to put your various spindle assemblies to the side (in a box) or find that having them directly under the table becomes a problem, JET has created an integrated storage solution. JET has designed a cabinet that is built into the base of the unit. In the cabinet there are designated slots for each spindle assembly (10 included) and each table insert. On the door of the cabinet, a magnetic strip has been installed so you can attach your wrench to it when you done using it. This prevents you from losing a drum or misplacing the wrench that otherwise might put you behind schedule.

JET 723950 Spindle Assembly StorageWith the JET 708411 oscillating spindle sander you were used to being able to do a 0-45 degree table tilt forward. JET has now incorporated a back tilt as well of 0- 15 degrees and the 723950 oscillating spindle sander now features a 90 degree quick index too.

One last important addition is regarding the spindle. The new JET 723950 has spindle lock and now only requires one wrench when making spindle assembly changes. If you are interested in learning more or are looking to purchase the JET 723950 JOSS-S Floor Model Oscillating Spindle Sander, please check our JET 723950 product page.

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Powermatic ICFF: Support The Next Generation Of Great Furniture Makers

May 7, 2015

Powermatic ICFF Furniture Maker ContestPowermatic is not just one of the top woodworking machinery brands in the country but an avid supporter of the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) and The Furniture Society. So Powermatic is once again doing an ICFF contest in support of the next generation of great furniture makers. Voting started April 22nd, 2015 and concludes May 19, 2015 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. At the end of it all, Powermatic will present the winner of the People’s Choice Award with a new Powermatic PM1500 Band Saw at the conference! Do your part to support the next generation of furniture makers and cast your vote today! Click here to see the choices.

Want to know more about the Powermatic PM1500 3HP 1PH 230V Band Saw? Visit our Powermatic PM1500 product page and see why the PM1500 has the right to have the gold standard slapped onto the side of it.


Bosch GTS1041A REAXX Jobsite Table Saw: Precision, Performance and Flesh-Detecting Technology

Mar 31, 2015

Bosch REAXX Table SawEveryone in the industry knows the biggest danger of working with a table saw, it’s losing your finger. Each year 65,000 people are injured from using a table saw. That’s just about 1 person every 8 minutes. Nothing can take back the loss you incur from losing a finger and no one should have to go through it. That’s why Bosch has the developed the Bosch GTS1041A REAXX Jobsite Table Saw. The REAXX table saw is designed with Active Response Technology.

When the blade comes in contact with skin, the Bosch GTS1041A immediately retracts the blade under the table with no blade damage incurred. The mechanics behind the Active Response Technology are referred to as “activation cartridges”. These cartridges force the drop arm below the table and away from the user’s exposed body part. Each cartridge unit includes two-single shot cylinders which allow you two instances of contact with skin before the cartridge will need to be replaced.Using the Bosch REAXX Table Saw

Another great feature of this saw is its quick reset after the blade drops under the saw. The system could be reset in less than 60 seconds with all parts and instructions located onboard the tool including a control panel. The control panel has an LED lighted display and indicates saw status to the operator. Various colors well indicate various states of the saw including: needing service or being ready to use.

Bosch didn’t just start from scratch when it came to the core design of this saw either. Bosch incorporated all of the well-liked features of the 4100 series saw into the GTS1041A to give the end user a complete all in one package of performance, portability and now improved user safety. The GTS1041A features the Smart Guard System. The Smart Guard System encompasses a modular blade guard, riving knife and anti-kick pawls that provide flexible protection options for the user.

It would be a crime not to mention the specs on this innovative new product. The Bosch GTS1041A Reaxx table saw operates on 15 Amp 4HP 3,650 RPM motor that gives you the power you need for ripping through and accommodates either fine or rough carpentry.

Want to learn more about the Bosch GTS1041A table saw? Visit our Tools Plus website.

The Bosch GTS1041A is also available as a kit that includes the TS3100 Gravity Rise Stand and Rear Outfeed Support (kit model#: GTS1041A-09).

The Bosch REAXX Table Saw is not out yet but will be available for purchase in Fall 2015!