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Dremel 3D Idea Builder – Design and Build It All Using Only Your Imagination

Mar 13, 2015

Have you ever wanted to build something that is conceived completely from your imagination? Maybe you wanted to build a customized castle or design an action figure of a cartoon character that you came up with? It used to be something that only large toy companies or corporations could do before but not anymore. Dremel introduced the Dremel 3D Idea Builder a few months ago. At a $999 price tag it gives you complete freedom to make anything you want. Dremel has reputation for creating game changing products and this 3D Idea Builder is the no different.

Dremel 3D Idea Builder - 3D PrinterThe Dremel 3D Idea Builder uses thermal plastic filament (a spool of thermal plastic) that is heated up to form the 3D model that you’ve designed. This process is also known as Fused Filament Fabrication. The Idea Builder is fully operational even without a computer. All you need to do is provide the Ideal Builder with a file using an SD card if you’d like and it can start building your idea.

Don’t have an SD card? Don’t worry! The Dremel 3D Idea Builder can also be sent the information using an USB cable from your computer. Designing something can be rather easy too. You can access Dremel’s extensive library of predesigned 3D files that allow you to make a wide range of products from a Doll House to a Heart Shaped Box. These various models can be downloaded from their website to your SD card or computer.

Want to make something completely from scratch? You can create your initial 3D model file using design tools like these: Autodesk 123D, AutoCAD, Photoshop CC, SketchUp and 3D Tin. Once the file is created and saved in the right format, Dremel’s software will convert it to a format that it needs to be in to start the build.

Some cool features to the Dremel 3D Ideal Builder is it has a closable door that keeps dust and peoples fingers away from your work in progress. It also has a built in fan that helps keep the atmosphere inside your Ideal Builder ideal for building. Another great feature on the Dremel 3D Builder is the touch screen panel featured on it. The touch screen panel allows you to start, stop and pause your project (which comes in handy when you project requires multiple colors). Want to make sure it makes a quality result? The Dremel 3D Idea Builder extrudes filament into layers as thick as a sheet of paper, this happens to be a best-in class performance  of 100 microns (.10mm) thick.

The Dremel 3D Idea Builder right now is only for sale in limited release but soon enough it will be seen in many retail stores both online and locally.

For now, check out some other great products from Dremel which includes their Dremel Rotary Tools, Dremel Butane Torches or Dremel Sharpening Stations. Visit the Dremel Tools section of our website for a full list of Dremel products that we sell at Tools Plus.


Dremel 3D Idea Builder - 3D Printer Benefits/Features

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Worx WG303 16″ Chainsaw Comes to the Rescue

Dec 15, 2011

Large, unwanted tree limbs splayed across front yards and streets, taking power lines down to their grave with them. This grim scene was repeated over and over across all of Connecticut and the whole New England area. Our own Tools Plus Warehouse Operations Supervisor, Johnny, was among the over 800,000 homes and businesses left without power after Winter Storm Alfred dumped 8-12″ of snow. He couldn’t even get out of his driveway, due to all the fallen branches and tree limbs! One can only imagine the stream of obscenities that filled the air when he first saw this:

Luckily, Johnny had a Worx WG303 16″ Corded Electric Chainsaw. After he unsheathed the saw from its (included) scabbard (which keeps the chain clean and dry), he went to work.

For a guy like Johnny, the WG303 is just what the doctor ordered. The chain automatically re-tensions and it won’t ever kick back.  “To get started, it’s oil and go. From taking it out of the box to using it, it’s a matter of minutes.” He raved about how well the 16″ chainsaw worked. Despite weighing just 11 lbs, “it has surprising power, and can handle…I cut 10 inch limbs man.”

“I thought I would use this for cleanup work…but it was strong enough to do the whole job.” While using the phrase “cuts like a hot knife through butter” has turned into a cliche due to overuse, that describes to a T the ease of operation Johnny had with the Worx WG303 16″ Chainsaw.

Delta’s 46-460 Lathe Is Oscar-Worthy

Nov 11, 2011

Being an avid movie buff, the Oscars are something I look forward to every year. Even if my favorite movie of the year isn’t nominated or a particular moving performance won’t be recognized, I always have a blast matching up who I believe deserves Best Actor, Best Picture, etc. to what the academy chooses. The Oscar-equivalent for contractors, woodworkers, and metalworkers has to be when Fine Woodworking & Fine Homebuilding unveils their annual Tool Guide. The special edition issue is more than just doling out awards, though; the experts offer many tips to help newbies and seasoned workers alike carry out a multitude of different jobs and to choose the right tool for them.

The 2012 Tool Guide contains many “tool tests” for a wide range of power tools and machines. Take the Heavy Duty Midi Lathe category, for example. The experts put 5 of the best “midi-lathes” through a series of tests to determine which one is the best. In this case, Delta’s 46-460 12-1/2″ Variable Speed Midi Lathe is the clear winner. Unlike many lathes (including the other ones tested) the Delta model does not lose a lot of speed (only 20%) when operating at a lower speed. It also is reversible, whereas most of the others aren’t. Its 1 HP motor allowed the experts to turn full-size bowl blanks with ease, whereas the weaker motors gave them headaches. Test after test worked in the 46-460’s favor, and so it snagged the award for best overall lathe with ease.

Unlike the Oscars, the results in Fine Woodworking & Fine Homebuilding’s 2012 Tool Guide are not based on popular opinion. The best tools are chosen by workers just like you who want to use the tools best suited for their line of work.

Written By Sean Cram

Milwaukee Metal Cutting Saw: Faster, Cooler and Cleaner

Feb 17, 2011

Milwaukee’s 6370-21 continues to out-sell and out perform many other Metal Cutting Circular Saws. This saw packs a powerful 13 amps (1-3/4 max HP), 3,700 RPM motor. Milwaukee has always produced the highest quality, durable heavy-duty tools and what makes this Metal Cutting Saw so special is the fact that it delivers a faster, cooler and cleaner metal cut.  The Milwaukee 6370-21  has been specifically designed to be practically free of sparks.  Cool cut waste, in the form of metal shavings, is effectively contained with a durable magnesium blade shield and channeled into the saw’s integral Chip Tank. This metal cutting saw allows you to pick up your work piece immediately after cutting, as it is cool to the touch. This saw comes with a Milwaukee 48-40-4515 8″ x 42 tooth circular saw blade which is cement tipped for longer life. This blade is razor sharp and will tear through ferrous and non-ferrous metals without hesitation. 


Milwaukee 6370-21 Metal Cutting Saw

Milwaukee 6370 is intended to cut unhardened ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal up to a maximum thickness of 3/4″.  Also, make sure you do not cut any stacked materials; cut one piece at a time. When cutting thin or corrugated materials, cut at least 1″ from the edge of the work piece to avoid injury or damage to the tool caused by thin strips of metal being pulled into the upper guard.  The Milwaukee saw can also cut large sheets, however, make sure they are properly supported or they will sag or bend. This metal cutting circular saw will provide you many years of metal cutting projects and offers Milwaukee’s 5 year limited warranty.

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Worx WG500 TriVac Makes Fall Clean-up as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Oct 7, 2010

This is the latest in a series of Worx lawn and garden tools.  The Worx WG500 combines 3 essential Fall Clean-up tools in one, using the latest technology. The Worx TriVac has a powerful blower boasting a blow speed of 210 mph, which will blow away even damp leaves.  If you are not fortunate enough to have a place to blow your leaves, the Worx WG500 also has a vacuum system with a capacity of 350 cfm which will also mulch your leaves with a ratio of 10:1.  Bagging your leaves is a breeze, with a bag capacity of 1.5 bushels, you can cut down the amount of trips it takes to empty. The TriVac weighs a very light 8.4 lbs, before leaves, of course, so even those of us that do not work out at the gym, can handle this leaf blower. The manufacturers at Worx have also made this Blower, Vacuum, Mulching system so affordable! Don’t wait, as supplies are limited!


No more excuses, lets get out there and start cleaning up those leaves….it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Cordless Lawn and Garden Tools

May 27, 2010

WORX WG151.5
Summer is around the corner and it’s time to spruce up your yard and create the look you’ve been dreaming about. I know, what you are thinking…..who wants to use a gas or corded weed wacker or hedge trimmer. Thanks to WORX Trimmers you don’t have to worry about filling up a gas tank, or dragging around a long extension cord when working in your yard or doing some garden landscaping. The New WORX Edger/Trimmers use the latest in cordless technology, lithium ion batteries to provide you with long run time without the weight associated with older NiCad batteries.

What could be worse on a hot day than running out of gas for your gas sting trimmer and then having to drive out to get more gas to fill it up again? Well if you get the WORX GT WG151.5 Trimmer Edger with a ½ hour charging time you won’t have to worry about this problem ever again. Rather than spending that time driving out to get more gas you can just stick your battery on the charger, sit back, grab a drink and then 30 minutes later your trimmer is ready to get back to work… if you really want to. But don’t think that this is just for a small yard, the long lasting batteries combined with the quick charger make the WG151.5 a great trimmer/edger for yards of any size.

Bonus: All WORX cordless outdoor yard tools are far quieter than traditional landscaping tools. The electric motors on WORX trimmers, blowers, edgers and chainsaws won’t bother the whole neighborhood or ruin anyone’s picnics, can’t say the same thing about loud gas motors. Cordless Landscaping tools are also much better for the environment thanks to their zero emissions and there being no risk of spilled gas or oil.

Best of all is that all of the WORX Cordless tools ship for free! When you order any WORX tools from Tools-Plus everything in your order that ships standard ground gets free shipping. While checking out enter the coupon code SHIPWORX and we will deduct the $6.50 shipping cost of standard ground shipping.

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New Milwaukee M18 LED Work Light 2735-20

Apr 14, 2010

Milwaukee 2735-20 LED Work Light

Milwaukee 2735-20 LED Work Light

If you are looking for a powerful and long lasting work light to go along with your Milwaukee M18 Lithium Ion tools then the Milwaukee 2735-20 is the LED work light for you. Whether you have the M18 XC High Capacity Lithium Ion Batteries or the M18 Compact Lithium Ion Batteries this versatile work light will work for with both. With a weather/impact resistant sealed aluminum head this light can stand up to tough conditions just like all Milwaukee tools can. Get up to four times the run time of your old work lights thanks to the LED bulb used in this light. Get a brighter- whiter beam and longer bulb life than incandescent models thanks to the bright 160 lumen, 50,000 hour LED bulb in this work light. With the 135 degree swiveling head and the integrated hook you can direct the beam where you need it and still have your hands free to work with your other Milwaukee M18 Lithium Ion Cordless Tools.

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DeWalt DW060K Floor Tile Laser Layout Tool

Jan 20, 2010

Improve the accuracy of the layout process and save time with the DeWalt DW060K Heavy Duty Floor Tile Laser.  This innovative tool was designed with the tile installer in mind. From the moment you take the hard heavy-duty case out of the box, you know that this tool will meet the demands for the commercial as well as the residential job site.  The laser housing rests on a wide flat base that allows the installer to  project the laser beam over irregular floor surfaces. With a built-in protractor base, you can quickly project lines on a 45 degree angle for doing layout. The DW060K is engineered to project a bright laser beam on the floor by creating a 90 degree intersection on the floor that will work to quickly, easily and accurately establish truly square lines.  Unlike chalk lines, this floor laser can also project a laser beam over wet concrete or glue.  This heavy duty tile laser creates a time savings by eliminating the conventional method of pulling measurements from two walls to square up and find the center point of the floor.

DeWalt DW060K Tile Laser Layout Tool

DeWalt DW060K Tile Laser Layout Tool

Perfect Tool to Remove Snow From Your Car

Dec 18, 2009

Take it from every Tools Plus Employee…you have to own a SnoBrum! We have been offering this cool tool for years and we have not received any complaints. If you live where it snows, this Snow pushing, non-scratching, portable, light weight snow removal tool is indispensable. Local car dealers love them and swear by them. The Sno Brum has a molded foam head that is tested to meet the harshest winter weather conditions. There is also the added benefit of an extended telescopic handle, capable of adjusting between 27″ to 48″ long.


Original Sno BruM

Original Sno BruM

Black and Decker Ready Wrench – New

Dec 4, 2009

New from Black and Decker – One wrench, so many uses! Great for general household assembly, regular maintenance tasks, furniture assembly and tightening,  advanced automotive jobs, and so much more. All of your friends and family would truly appreciate receiving one  this holiday season. Complete with a lifetime warranty, this all-in-one wrench puts 16 of the most popular standard and metric socket sizes at your fingertips, in one convenient hand tool. No need to stop and sort through a socket set to find the right size. Simply spin to a larger or smaller socket size, the MSW100 Black and Decker Ready Wrench is just what you have been looking for.  These are selling fast, so don’t be caught wishing you purchased one sooner.

Black and Decker Ready Wrench

Black and Decker Ready Wrench