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Majestic 2152 Winter Work Gloves – Maximize the Warmth in the Cold Weather

Jan 9, 2016

Winter is here! If you live in the US, most of you have experienced at least one cold winter’s chill in the early AM or late at night. For others, you’ve already been hammered with a ton of snow. So it wouldn’t be too farfetched to assume that your winter gloves have probably seen at least one wear since the start of the winter season, right?

My question is have you ever really assessed the effectiveness of your gloves? There are tons of gloves out there and each serves it purpose but all gloves aren’t created equally. If you need gloves that are functional, breathable and winter resistant consider winter gloves from Majestic Gloves.

You may or may not have heard of Majestic Gloves but they have an extensive line of work gloves. In fact their current product catalog has over 100 styles of gloves. We currently carry just a few of these styles but one style of glove that I’ve personally enjoyed using is the Majestic 2152TW Bald Eagle Work Gloves.

Full view of the Majestic 2152TWThe Majestic 2152TW Bald Eagle Work Gloves are designed with a premium pigskin palm, a blue stretch knit back and a neoprene knuckle area. For those of you not familiar with neoprene, it’s a synthetic rubber material that is very flexible which is perfect for hand movement in many work applications.

The neoprene knuckle area allows for comfortable hand bending with the Majestic 2152TW

The gloves also feature Velcro wrist closure. Personally I like Velcro wrists closure because it allows me to tighten the gloves around whatever style of jacket I’m wearing at the time or around my bare wrist.

When you look at them you will probably say that they look a lot like Mechanic’s gloves and they are often advertised this way. However that strongly hides the fact that these are much more of a universal winter work glove than one might think.

Mechanic gloves by nature are often formfitting, durable and almost always flexible. They allow you properly utilize your fingers in the gloves when work on your vehicle. Winter gloves at your typical department store are bulky, stiff and not very functional at all. They typically feature an elastic wrist (that can wear out) and allow snow to easily fall into your glove.

Have you ever had trouble with gripping the handle of snow shovel or the handle of your snow blower? The Majestic 2152TW gives the flexibility to do so with minimal resistance, resistance that you might have with your typical winter glove. The gloves are also designed “pre-curved” to have a more natural fit to the contours of the human hand.

The MOST important feature of these gloves that really brings it home was the fact that they are both waterproof and windproof. These gloves utilize 3M Thinsulate Insulation. The unique microfibers of Thinsulate work by trapping air molecules between your hand and the stinging cold outside air. This allows the glove to be breathable and moisture-resistant. It also allows the glove to be thinner because it can trap more air molecules in less space. The gloves are also lined with a waterproof membrane to keep out the wetness.

Interested in Majestic 2152TW Work Gloves? Check them out here

Looking for the complete body warmth? Checkout the Bosch 12V Heated Jackets with 3 heat settings and Carhartt Winter Accessories.

Choosing the Best Generator for Your Needs in 2011 and Beyond

Oct 18, 2011

We are all guilty of waiting until a crisis is upon us  before finally being forced to take care of a situation that should have been carefully thought through and addressed a long time ago.  The perfect example is the need for a portable generator. Hurricane Irene has come and gone, but has certainly taught us all a very important lesson which is to make sure we are prepared for the next time.  If  last year is any indication of just how much snow will fall, we are all in for another long, snowy winter.  Also, if I were an odds maker, I would  bet that your electricity will be out at least once before the first daffodil has a chance to peek through.

Knowledge is power and Eric Savelle has been selling generators for over 30 years.  He was a live guest on 1320 WATR, specifically talking about Generac Generators and GenTran Transfer Switches.  Eric covers many important questions and just to mention a few:

  • Is it OK to run a generator inside the home?
  • How will a transfer switch eliminate the need for messy extension cords?
  • Should I keep the fuel tank full or empty?
  • What kind of draw is involved in keeping the heat on in the winter?

You can listen to the entire Q&A  audio excerpt  of this program on the FAQ section on each Generac Generator page.

Some additional important information regarding generators:

  1. Sizing your generator for usage needs.  Using the Generator Sizing Calculator, you can easily decide which household appliances and systems are necessary. Just add up their running and surge wattage to figure out the right generator for your needs.
  2. Registering your generator – In the event of an insurance loss, your customer registration will serve as proof-of-purchase.  Also, the manufacturer will provide you with continued important product information.
  3. Maintenance suggestions: Winterizing your generator, including what type of oil to use and how often should it be changed.  Above 40°F, use SAE 30. Below 40°F and down to 10°F, use 10W-30. Below 10°F, use synthetic 5W-30. Oil should be changed after the first 8 hours of operation and every 200 hours of run time thereafter. Utilize the hour running meter which allows you to easily keep tabs on oil changes.
  4. Gasoline Recommendations: Use clean, fresh unleaded gasoline with a minimum 85 octane rating.
  5. Features to look for when buying your first or next generator:
  • Low Oil Shutdown Feature – Keeps the engine from malfunctioning by shutting the engine down before it runs out of oil. Think of your car if it ran out of oil.
  • Electric Start – With the click of a button, your generator will start. Although electric start is definitely easier, some of the smaller watt generators have a pull start, which isn’t too difficult to start as well. Just make sure you have the choke engaged.
  • Storage consideration – Handle that folds down for easy storage
  • Fuel Capacity – should hold at least 4 gallons and above for many hours of running time before you need to fill up again.
  • Overloading protection – Circuit breaker required
  • Fuel Tank Construction – Sturdy Steel and large fuel gauge for easy reading.

Generac GP5500 Generator

So,  the moral of the story is, do not wait until the last minute to purchase your generator. Instead, take your time and make an informed decision to receive the best generator….at the best price…best suited for your needs!

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Delta Machinery Rolls Out With Fall 2011 Promotions

Aug 5, 2011

Get Up To $300 Cash Back on select Delta Machinery

Delta Machinery Rolls Out With Fall 2011 Promotions

For woodworkers and tool enthusiasts alike, nothing is better than hearing the word “Promotion”. The word lingers at the back of your mind until you have the chance to check out what all the hype is about. Industry leaders with years of experience in the market tend to know a thing or two about customer satisfaction, and DELTA is no different. On August 1st, Delta Tools and Machinery introduced their Fall/Winter Promotion featuring some of their best in class machines equipped with up to $300 cash back via mail-in rebate, as well as other bonuses.

Products on the promotion include: Delta Table Saws, Jointers, Stock Feeders, Mortisers, Planers, Dust Collectors, and Air Cleaners. All of these products are also backed by Delta’s famous Five Year Warranty. If you’re interested in what products include rebates, just visit our site where we offer a complete list of eligible Delta Machinery.


JET Tools Introduces Their Jet RED Assurance Service and Support

Jul 14, 2011

Jet Tools - Jet Red Assurance Logo

JET Tools Introduces Their Jet RED Assurance Service and Support

How many times have you called tech support on the back of your product manual, and gotten someone who is halfway around the world?  It’s frustrating, to say the least. Then you have to wait on hold as each support rep transfers you from extension to extension for about twenty minutes. After an hour of troubleshooting, they tell you that your (fill in the blank) is defective, and that you need to ship it back to the manufacturer so they can send you a replacement. Most of this process is normal for small products like music players and laptops, but not for large machinery like table saws and milling machines. Often the bigger you get, the more hassle it is to get your defective product replaced. However, you won’t have that problem with JET Tools.

Jet Tools - Reliability, Expertise, and DependabilityRecently, JET introduced its RED Assurance Service and Support (which stands for: Reliability, Expertise, and Dependability). It provides their U.S customers with homegrown technical service and support on every product that they develop. If a JET tool needs service or repair, one of their 750 authorized service centers located in all 50 states can assist the customer. You don’t have to worry about shoddy repair work either, because all service centers are required to be annually re-certified through JET.

When you call U.S Tech Support, someone will pick up the phone right in Nashville, Tennessee. With over 50 years of experience and expertise, these technicians can help you locate the problem and devise a solution. Need a part you can install yourself? Jet has made over 40,000 parts readily available for shipment within 48 hours of your phone call.

Someone might say, “Well, what about discontinued products?”  Large companies are notorious for stiffing you on out-dated products, but not JET. JET supports products up to 8 years after discontinuance. Online, JET provides you with a service center locator. Just type in your zip code, select the radius (in miles) around your town or city, and click Locate. If you want more advanced search results, you can also choose a product category and the service capabilities that go along with it. They’ve made it that easy. JET prides itself on its 9 out of 10 customer rated technical support and customer service. For half a century, JET has been a top supplier of Woodworking, Metalworking, and Material Handling products. When you see the JET RED Assurance stamp, you can rest assured that behind every product comes decades of reliability, expertise, and dependability.

Written By Joseph Scovill

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Maintaining Your Yard Has a Big Payoff

May 26, 2011

Maintaining Your Yard Has a Big Payoff

You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock. You hit the off button as you roll slowly out of bed. Across the room on the wall you look at your Tools Plus calendar (just kidding) and you realize that it’s almost Memorial Day. A stinging realization hits you like a falling wasp’s nest onto your face. You open up your sun blocking bedroom curtains, and you peer outside into the morning light. What do you see?

Your once luscious lawn is now 3 feet high with overgrowth and much of it has faded to a not so flattering brown. You have two children who usually wake you up every morning, but you don’t hear them. You can only conclude that they are lost somewhere in your newly cultivated corn field. In the distance, your wife constructed a scarecrow to ward off crows and other birds that would otherwise colorfully decorate your heavy duty pickup truck. Next to the window are these gnarled masses of vegetation that you once called hedges, and it’s at this point that you wish today was Halloween instead.

Okay, so maybe your yard has never been this bad but you get the point. With Memorial Day marking the first holiday of the summer season, this means you might have family and friends over for some burgers and hot dogs. If you haven’t started yet, now is the perfect time to take care of the lawn you neglected during the late winter-early spring season. Why is maintenance of your yard or lawn so important? For several reasons of course, other than it’s therapeutic (I’m serious, ask anybody).

Increased Home Value

On a monetary scale, maintaining your yard can increase your home’s value by up to 15 percent. This may answer some questions of why so many people do everything in their power to create a beautiful yard and garden. Maintaining your lawn is also one of the cheapest ways of doing so too. Once you buy the equipment and supplies, it’s much easier from then on out each year.

Maintaining lawn also lowers the cost of air conditioning bills. Why? Because the moisture evaporates from grass leaves and helps keep air temperatures cooler, which greatly differs from the heat that is generated from paved surfaces. Another benefit of maintaining your lawn is that it improves water quality. Thick sod that’s produced by grass helps water soak into the ground. This greatly reduces water runoff that carries soil or other contaminants into waterways.

I know all about runoff too, when I was younger my family used to live in a hilly area where we had trouble getting grass to grow. When we had heavy rains, the runoff would cause the drains to clog up with soil from our yard and unpaved driveway. Houses that were further down the hill would end up with more soil in their lawns than they planned for. It’s not pretty, but it’s a reality.

So with all this information, where do you start? I’d look for high quality lawn and maintenance equipment with a great product life. I tend to go with Worx. Worx is a company that focuses primarily on yard maintenance.

Worx WG500 TriVac

Worx has the wonderful WG500 TriVac. It’s a blower, mulcher, and vacuum all in one design. The TriVac has an instant one-switch blower to vacuum conversion, and is single handed for easy use. At 8.3 pounds, I’ve noticed that the Worx TriVac weighs even less than a gallon of milk. This baby hits an airspeed over 210 mph, and is equipped with a 12 amp motor. The WG500 TriVac is able to produce enough suction to vacuum 14 gallons of dry leaves in less than a minute.

Keep reading the Tool Talker Blog, I’ll being posting more suggestions on what to use on your yard as well as tips on maintaining too.

Written By Joseph Scovill


Unleash Your Cordless Drill: Torque Adjustment Ring

Apr 19, 2010

ezwoodshop – Wood Plans and Designs  

One of the most valuable (but mostly ignored) features in a cordless drill is the torque adjustment ring. Now I know it’s tempting to overlook all the techie-looking controls spattered around the handle of a modern drill. I certainly did when I bought my first Makita cordless drill. After all, how complicated can it be to drive a #8 woodscrew into plywood? Not too complicated, really. But that doesn’t mean features like a torque adjustment ring have no use. You might be surprised just how much this little control can change the way you work with wood.

 Staying in Control


The best way to understand what a torque adjustment ring does is to think of how we use hand-held screwdrivers. We let the of the screwdriver tell us what to do – when to bear down on the screw to prevent stripping the head – and when to back off to avoid driving the screw too deep. However, put an 18-volt power drill in our hands, and we no longer have that kind of subtle control over what’s happening. In a second we can completely strip out the head of a woodscrew, or drive a woodscrew so far into a board that comes out the other side.Enter the adjustable torque clutch! This is a great feature that lets you decide just how much power to unleash on a woodscrew. On most cordless drills, the torque clutch is located just behind the chuck. It’s a twistable ring that starts at 0 and goes up to something like 20 or 25. Zero means full brakes are on – providing a super gentle twist of the bit. At 25 your drill is totally unleashed – giving all the muscle it has to offer. So what does that mean for you?

Using the torque clutch to avoid stripping heads We’ve all had this problem. A stubborn woodscrew won’t go flush to the board. So we bear down and force the screw in. Sometimes that works. Sometimes not. More often we end up stripping the head. Of course the problem has nothing to do with the drill itself. It usually means the pilot hole is too small for the screw. The nice thing about a torque clutch is that it gives us advance warning of this kind of trouble. A noticeable clacking sound tells us the clutch is engaged, and that the drill is holding back it’s muscle to prevent stripping the head.





Using the torque clutch to avoid buried wood screws

Just as much a problem as screws not going in far enough are screws that go too far. Be assured that when you see the head of a screw start to disappear into the face of a board, you’re asking for problems. The adjustable torque clutch can help prevent this. If you can get your pilot holes and screw sizes matched up the way they should be matched, the adjustable torque clutch will do a nice job of knowing exactly when to stop driving the screw.

How to Set the Adjustable Torque Clutch

It’s a trial-and-error process more or less, so the numbers themselves on the ring (0-25) don’t really mean anything. For example, if your project calls for brass woodscrews that can easily get stripped out, start out at zero just to see how far in the drill will take them. Then gradually move up in numbers till you have just right amount of torque to set the screw flush to the face of the board – without going too far in. Once there, you might want to keep a note of where the clutch is set for doing similar projects in the future.

What is Three Phase Power?

Oct 5, 2009

If you’ve ever been a large scale shop, you’ve seen the size of the equipment they use like a large Planer or an powerful dust collector, and, chances are, the first thing you think when you see a machine that big is “How the heck do they power that thing?!” Well, the answer, while complex in explanation, is rather simple. Large machines usually use three phase power.

What is three phase power?
For those of you unfamiliar with the topic, three phase electricity is a multiple phase, or polyphase electrical system that is favored in large operations due to its robust efficiency. If you’ve ever seen large power transmission lines on the highway, they are all three phase. The basic principle behind it is that there are three circuit conductors of the same voltage and frequency running at a 120 degree offset to each other. Unlike the standard single phase power, this has one conductor. The three phase motors run more efficiently by delivering three times the power in smaller comparable sized conductors.
Can we get that in English, please?
Certainly, observe the graphs below. In the first graph, notice the blue line that is one single phase. That shows the frequency variation in one certain section of generated current. This is the standard power transmitted through the majority of American households. As you can see, the single phase is a rather wide spread wavelength. Now, imagine the diagrams as representing horizontal springs. As a workload is applied, it gets harder and harder fort he generated current to maintain its shape, and it flattens out under load.

Now, look at the graph on the right that is three phase power. Imagine that as the same analogy used above. That same load applied to the now three horizontal springs is much harder to compress under the same load. In short, three phase uses three offset electrical currents that allows for a more powerful, efficient and refined system.

So what are the benefits?
The benefits of three phase power when considered in comparison to single phase power are obvious. Single phase motors use capacitors and windings to help the motor start and run, while three phase has simply the stator and windings. This makes for a less complex and more robust motor, with fewer things that can break and go wrong. Say you have a Three Phase Radial Arm Saw, due to the higher efficiency, it requires less conductive material to construct, making for a smaller, lighter motor with the same power as its larger single phase cousin.Amperage also plays a key part. For example, a 5HP table saw at 230 volts draws a maximum of 24 amps on single phase. The same saw equipped with a 5HP 230 volt three phase motor draws only 13 amps, almost half the power required for the single phase version. And with certain three phase motors, they may be wired for 440/460 volt three phase for a total of only a 6 amp draw, that’s less than a handheld belt sander.

Three phase power also makes reversing and speed control of three phase motors much easier. The simplicity of three phase motors allows them to be easily reversed up to simply switching two wires inside the connection box. Speed variation is also efficiently done with a variable frequency drive (VFD)

What are the drawbacks?
Although three phase power has its advantages, there is a downside, mostly for us Americans. Three phase power is typically not run in residential areas, making it problematic for the home shop owner, but not completely impossible.
What are my options?
There are a few ways to drum up three phase power. The first and most obvious is to have the power company run it to your house. If you live near an industrial area that has three phase, it can be run from their building to theirs, however this is usually the most expensive option, and by having to purchase the wire hand have the power company do the installation work, cost is rather high.

Kay MA-4 Phasemaster Rotary Type Phase Converter

Kay MA-4 Phasemaster Rotary Type Phase Converter

The most sensible option is a rotary phase converter (RPC). A RPC takes in single phase 230 volt current and puts out 230 volt three phase current. RPCs are usually a bit expensive, but in many cases, far cheaper than having the wire run from the grid. There are also ways to build your own RPC; however, it is not for the faint of heart, as it requires a lot of work and electrical knowledge. Another alternative is to install a VFD, this allows you to run three phase machines off of single phase power, and is practical if you only have a machine or two. The last and least favored alternative is the static phase converter. Static converters take single phase power and split it to run two of the legs. The third leg is then generated by capacitors until the motor is started, and then the capacitor drops off, leaving the motor to run only at two thirds of its rated power. These are the least favorable of the bunch, and certain manufacturers will void your machine warranty if you use one.

So what’s the verdict?
In short, if you’re looking for economical and efficient power supply, three phase is the way to go, especially in industrial applications. But, like all things, consideration and planning is required before you make a move.

Q&A: A Drill Bit, A Blow Out

Sep 28, 2009

Q – “I have been having a serious problem with my drill bits constantly blowing out the back of the wood that I am drilling into. Given the position I am drilling at, I can’t put a piece of wood underneath to protect from blow out. I am wondering if there is a particular bit that will give me a smoother hole or is this something I am going to have to deal with? – Paul, PA”

Choosing the right drill bit can make all the difference in your project.

A – Hi Paul. For most wood projects that require drilling, preventing blow out is a big concern. Sometimes when drilling holes, blow out can be so bad it ruins the job entirely; no one wants that. recommends trying out a step bit. These bits are specifically designed to offer multiple size drilling holes so a wide range of holes can come from one bit. The step bit also is used for clean drilling and deburring, which in your case may just be the solution. Good luck with your project!

More Q&A: This Time on Laminate

Sep 25, 2009

Q – “I recently had my kitchen remodeled, but I decided I want to build a serving cart using the leftover laminate from the job that the contractor gave to me. I know I have to cut down the laminate to size, but I am wondering what type of blade I need to use on my table saw? Can I use the same blade to cut laminate as I cut shingles when I do roofing jobs? – Nick, MN”

A – Hey Nick. Unfortunately, you are going to need a blade specifically made for laminate cutting, or else you will rip right through the laminate. Most laminate jobs need to have an extremely clean cut, especially since any imperfection in the edge will be noticeable once it is installed. For the best results when cutting laminate, an 80 tooth Triple-Chip Grind (TCG) blade is recommended. With this type of blade, if cut correctly, you can be sure that your laminate will come out smooth every time. Good luck!

Q&A: Home Renovation and Trash

Sep 18, 2009

Q: “I’m a do-it-yourselfer and I’m looking to completely remodel my kitchen. What’s the best way to dispose of the trash and old appliances? Is there anything special I need to know? Thanks. – Tim, CT”

A: Remodeling your kitchen is a huge project, especially on the DIY scale. When you decide to remodel the room completely, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in terms of disposing of your trash, appliances, and other materials. You want to be sure that you’re not harming the environment while you complete your job. Plus, chances are that your normal trash pickup can’t handle the waste.

The most common method of trash disposal on a project is renting a dumpster. This can be a great way to take care of all of your disposal needs – as long as you work with a rental company that can legally and effectively take care of all of your trash. If you plan on tossing appliances, talk to the dumpster rental company before hand to find out their policy.

If you think you need something a bit more fast and efficient, you can also hire a trash hauling company who can come clean up on a need-be basis. This can be expensive, but it’s great when you live in a narrow lot, apartment, or close together neighborhood.

Finally, if you’re tossing appliances, consider recycling them properly first. Contact a local appliance repair shop to discuss the proper disposal methods in your area. Usually, the shop can set you up with a pick-up or with a recycling center that can handle your appliance.