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Polishing Your Vehicle Should Be Routine Maintenance

Mar 18, 2011

Polishing Your Vehicle Should be Routine Maintenance

Consider the Porter Cable 7424XP and Lake Country Pads

You know spring is coming when you wake up and hear the sound of birds chirping outside your window at six in the morning. Whether you live in the city, country side, or suburb it’s hard not to notice the remains of winter 2011 vanishing from your everyday lives. Your backyard is a little soggier, the roads you drive on to go to work are a little wider, and hopefully the fears of your roof collapsing have begun to fade. Whatever the case may be, you and your property have taken a toll from the snow, sleet, and freezing rain during this past winter season.

Although you feel like you’ve gotten the worst of it, one of the biggest victims of this year’s winter abuse is your vehicle. It’s had dirt, salt, and snow caked onto it for possibly three months. And who knows where that snow has been before it decorated your vehicle. I know personally that plenty of people walk their dogs on my street, just saying.

Cars need an automotive manicure. Bringing them to the car wash every once in a while is a necessary, and preventive step to auto care, but so is polishing your vehicle by hand. You could make the argument that most car washes do all of this for you and the convenience is unmatchable, and I’ll agree with you. However, polishing your car at the car wash is like brushing your teeth with a large wire brush. It can generally hit the highlights, but it does a spotty job and I wouldn’t recommend it as the first option.

Then why it is important to polish your vehicle?

Polishing removes imperfections such as scratches, oxidation and spotting. Polishing helps level the paint’s surface to give a lustrous shine. During the past winter your car’s probably seen its fair share of ricocheting rocks, salt on the road, and maybe even accidental scratches. With the coming of spring, now is the perfect time to repair your car’s look from these winter elements.

Porter Cable 7424XP Diagram

First, you’re going to need a Polisher. There are several different brands you could go with but many people prefer the 7424 XP made by Porter Cable. The Porter Cable 7424XP provides smooth handling, an electronic variable of 2,500 – 6,800 OPM, and a 4.5 Amp – 500 Watt Motor. Unlike its 7424 model, the Porter Cable 7424XP shape is more ergonomic, and has a speed switch which allows easy speed changing on the fly.

Next, you’ll need pads to slide on to that polisher. Lake Country provides you with the best quality for the best price. They make both CCS styled pads, and Kompressor Foam Pads. Both are more or less just as effective, but allow you to choose which look and feel you prefer. Kompressor pads are slotted in two different directions while the foam isn’t compressed, but when the foam is compressed this creates a sweet spot on the face of the pad. The CCS pads have dimples across their face to allow for more control when polishing at angles, and a back beveled Velcro platform that helps center it on the polisher to provide extra flexibility.

You’ve invested your time and money into your vehicle, whether it’s straight off the lot or just hitting the 90,000 mile mark. It’s helped you get from point A to point B when you asked it to. So just as you would bring it for its routine maintenance to improve its function, you should polish your vehicle to maintain its look and as well as its body.

Written By Joseph Scovill

Sites We Like: Matt’s Basement Workshop

Sep 28, 2009

Looking for a new woodworking podcast to listen to? We recommend Wood Talk Online, hosted at  Matt is Matt Vanderlist, who podcasts from – where else? – his basement workshop.  Matt has been at it since 2006, but he’s been a hobbyist woodworker for practically his whole life, and he’s a great resource for other woodworkers because of his real-life experience.

Check out his site for videos, podcasts and more.

Blogs We Like: The Drummond Home Restovation

Sep 15, 2009

The Drummond-Revere Home “Restovation” blog is the brainchild of Jerad Foster, a “third generation home builder” and furniture designer in the Kansas City area.

The home takes its name from its architect – Don Drummond.  No, not the trombone player, although he’s pretty cool, too.  Drummond was one of the pioneers of modern home architecture in the American midwest.

Not just a regular remodel, the Drummond-Revere home is also a historical renovation, which adds its own layers of complexity and complication to the already unpredictable business of doing a renovation.

In addition to updates on the house, Jerad also shares tidbits from his personal life (like his search for a classic Eames lounger) and his business.

Jerad’s blog is an engaging read and showcases a really awesome modern home.  It’s definitely worth a look.

Blogs We Like: A Constructed Life

Sep 14, 2009

“Remodel an Entire House. Stay Sane. Remember To Have A Life.”

If you’ve ever done an extensive home renovation, you know that’s a tough checklist to maintain.  That’s the balancing act that Liz, the blog mastermind behind A Constructed Life, manages to pull off (mostly) gracefully in the pages of her website.  And she also has a pregnancy (recently supplanted by baby girl Addy) to add into the mix as well.

Liz and her husband Joey have been remodeling each room of their house and writing about the results.  From an extensive kitchen reno to the construction of a porch attached to their second-story master bedroom, they break each part of it down in detail.  With all of the home renovation shows out there scrambling to show you rooms or houses completely transformed over just a few days, it’s refreshing to see the shape and timeline of a real home remodel, down to the vital decision to call in a contractor when you realize you can’t do it 100% right on your own (one of the most difficult renovating skills to master).  Full of great before and after photos, A Constructed Life is definitely a site to check out if you’re planning any remodeling in your future.

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Two Thumbs Up To The Housing Zone

Jul 17, 2009

We are thrilled to have stumbled upon, Home Improvement & Home Furnishings Blog. With over 10 years of experience, blog, provides helpful tips to those who are tackling their own home improvements and renovations.

We love one of their most recent posts titled, Redecorating Your Home. Without breaking the bank, there are multiple ways to make improvements to any room in the house that is both cheap and effective. With a simple fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper, this can spruce up the look and feel of your room instantly. Freshen up your space with throw carpets and throw pillows and get rid of any clutter. These are sure ways to liven up your home that are budget friendly.

Don’t forget to stop by and subscribe to their blog and post your own comments!

Get Things Done and Save Money With

Jul 17, 2009

Looking for some home remodeling tips? Look no further than the blog. With sizings, new methods of home renovation, and explanations behind low voltage and door knob installations, and much much more, this blog is the place to be.

They help define when a job can be managed by yourself or when it’s time to bring in a professional. They also help you to find the proper professional on their parent site Their goal is to connect you with professionals in your area that offer multiple estimates and bid on your project.

So, stop on by and tell him we said hello!

The Wood Whisperer Has Our Vote!

Jun 16, 2009

Power tools aren’t just our business, they’re our livelihood! We’re the quintessential weekend-project masters, and enjoy do-it-yourself wood working projects. From crafting wooden benches to chests, we love to stand back and admire the completed job. That’s where our good friends at The Wood Whisperer come in. The always helpful woodworking blog touts itself as “Education and Entertainment For The Modern Woodworker”, and we couldn’t agree more!

The Wood Whisperer often highlights reader questions and expertly answers the question right on the blog! Check out “A2 vs O1 Tool Steel – Viewer Question” – a great question and excellent answer we can all benefit from.

Whether you’re an expert woodworker or a master of the trade, The Wood Whisperer is a very resourceful blog for all to read. Be sure to check out their product reviews, videos, reader projects, and more!

All You Ever Needed To Know About Power Sanders

Jun 15, 2009

Shopping for a power sander? Obviously, we want you to shop with Tools-Plus, but for comprehensive information on the subject (and the rare brand that we don’t carry), visit before you buy. The site is full of information on both orbital and belt sanders and sander accessories like replacement backing pads and sandpaper.

New to home improvement? The site is a great resource, explaining the difference between the different types of sanders and the uses of their accessories, and some first-hand perspective on several of the top products in each category. Happy sanding!

The Wood Whisperer

Apr 8, 2009

The Wood Whisperer‘s tagline is “Education and Entertainment For the Modern Woodworker,” and it’s true that the site has equal measures of both. The site, which is sponsored in part by Festool, has lots of video podcast content, a robust ‘new to woodworking’ page and lots of user generated content, too.

TWW is also home to the Wood Talk Online audio podcast, where Marc and Matt answer listener emails. If you’re into woodworking, a trip to The Wood Whisperer is well worth your time.