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Lake Country Kompressor Foam Polishing Pads

Jan 7, 2011

Kompressor Pads Caress your car’s every curve!

Lake Country Kompressor Foam Polishing Pads with hook and loop backing are perfect for your favorite polishers and buffers. Kompressor pads have a slotted face which conforms to the curves and contours of your car giving you more surface contact than is available with other pads. Lake Country manufactures these pads to have a compressed “Sweet Spot” holding polish longer along with extending the life of your pad. Get the best results possible by using Lake Country Kompressor Foam Polishing Pads!

If your car is worth buffing and polishing then chances are it has sexy curves. Standard pads can do an ok job of polishing curved surfaces, but Lake Country Kompressor Pads are engineered to caress these curves, working the paint evenly across the whole surface. Flat standard pads don’t adjust to the various contours of your car, over corners and areas like the fenders and bumpers you need a pad that will adjust to the shape of the car. Kompressor polishing pads glide over and shape themselves to the contours of your car preventing the polish or wax from flying all over, ensuring more even results.

Top Quality Construction.

To make the Kompressor Buffing Pads Lake Country starts with some of the highest quality foam in the industry. This premium foam is shaped in to a convex pad and then is slit horizontally and vertically. When affixed to a backing plate the convex polishing pad compresses at the center producing a the “sweet spot”.

Advantages to this Sweet Spot include:

  • The greater density towards the center holds polish on the pad longer than flat pads do.
  • The Sweet Spot also extends the life of the pad by reducing foam breakdown.

Advantages to the Slotted Pad Face are:

  • The slots allow the foam to constantly adjust to even the smallest surface contours providing a superior even finish.
  • All of those tabs made by the slots greatly increase the usable surface area of Kompressor pads, holding onto more polish and also getting greater contact with the surface being polished.
  • Slotted pads are easy to clean.

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