175 Ways to Get More Done In Less Time by David Cottrell

By David Cottrell

Are looking to get issues performed quicker so that you can accomplish extra of your long term pursuits? ok. we might all like that to ensue. however the query we eventually need to ask is "How am i able to do this - get extra issues performed in much less time? This ebook is loaded with principles. Now, do not count on smoke and mirrors the following. and do not glance to magically pull a couple of additional hours in your day trip of skinny air. Nope, there isn't any magic formulation. yet, among the back and front covers of thei e-book you will discover one hundred seventy five quite significant feedback to help you get issues performed speedier ... and typically greater. ahead of you recognize it, you are again up to speed - really attaining these targets you have set for your self.

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If the person tends to chatter on and on, politely say, “before we hang up I need to cover one last point . ” and then cover your point and get off the phone.

You do not go to the mailbox every 30 minutes, do you? Work e-mail deliveries into your personal schedule and do not let them control your day. com 51 Prioritize your incoming e-mail by sorting the messages by subject or author so you can process related messages together. com 52 Keep an active address book to save e-mail addresses. Re-typing e-mail addresses for people who you frequently send messages to is a waste of your time. com 53 Check your voicemails twice a day ONLY! Write down the message in your organizer.

Don’t be surprised to find your biggest interrupter is your boss! After getting over the shock, sit down with your boss and see if you can find ways to decrease the number of interruptions so that you can be more productive. com 45 Schedule “one-on-one” sessions with your staff and boss. Gather everything you need to talk about and take care of it at one sitting rather than interrupting each other the minute something comes up. com 46 When you don’t want to be disturbed, put your candy dish away .

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