A Birational Construction of Projective Compactifications of by Furushima M.

By Furushima M.

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D. Cable connector. E. Mounting strop. F. Cable ripper to slit braid so wires can be separated. The easiest way to make connections to terminal screws and to splice and ta pe wires (or use solderless connectors), is with the wire ends pulled well out of the box. This way, you are working in the open, not in the cramped space of the box. That is one of the reasons for the liberal wire length allowance. When you push the work back into the box, whether it is simply splices or terminal connections, form the wires into a shape that will bend easily into the box without putting a strain on the connections or splices.

This break-out is slotted so it can be snapped out with a screwdriver, removing all electrical contact between the two terminal screws on that side. If the break-outs are removed from both sides the two outlets are completely separated electrically and can be wired to entirely different circuits. In the case of split-circuit wiring, however, only the break-out on the brass (black wire) side is removed. That on the chrome side is left intact. Then the incoming white neutral or ground wire can be connected to one chrome terminal and the outgoing white wire to the next outlet connected to the other for a continuous ground.

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