A Muslim Response to the Attack on America by Imran N Hosein

By Imran N Hosein

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Jean Birrell (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1997). 6 Conversely, Clare’s process of canonization provides information that was edited out of the Legend. For an analysis of the intersection of these two documents see Marco Bartoli, “Il processo di canonizzazione di Chiara d’Assisi,” in Chiara e la diffusione delle Clarisse nel secolo XIII, ed. G. Andenna and B. Vetere, 133–44 (Galatina: Congedo, 1997). 7 Archival details concerning some of these sisters can be found in Arnaldo Fortini, “Nuove notizie intorno a S.

Paolo. First, she took refuge in a monastery that had the papal privilege to excommunicate anyone who violated its inhabitants. Second, the cutting of her hair made her worthless as a bride and made her choice irrevocable. Once she had defined herself as a penitent, she was free to pursue her vision of following Christ. She would spend the rest of her life at the Monastery of S. Damiano. D. , University of Michigan, 1957), 92–103. ” Laurentianum 31 (1990): 389–404. 129 Paul Sabatier, Vie de Saint François d’Assise (Paris: Fischbacher, 1926), 173.

74 Arch. , fasc. II n. ” See Fortini, Nova Vita, vol. III, 534–35. 71 24 chapter one 1210, since another document encourages the consul to work so that the construction of S. 75 In fact in 1216, after Clare was already living in the Monastery of S. Damiano, the canons of S. Rufino asked Pope Honorius III for assistance to finance current and future expenses incurred in the restoration of the Church of S. 76 Only in 1228, was the new basilica complete enough for Pope Gregory IX to consecrate it.

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