Advances in Chemical Physics, AB INITIO Methods in Quantum by K. P. Lawley

By K. P. Lawley

This sequence goals to document, interpret and overview development within the box of quantum chemistry. Over the process a number of years, the sequence has taken care of the various points of chemical physics and is designed to operate as a necessary reference and advisor to extra development. for every quantity, the editor selects themes inside of chemical physics and invitations knowledgeable to jot down a accomplished article. quantity sixty nine offers a evaluate of contemporary advancements in ab initio equipment in quantum chemistry, protecting the utilized points. studies from specialists in those components are incorporated.

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DIRECT MCSCF AND MCSCF-CI METHODS 29 where hij = hij - + C ( i k / k j ) k are modified one-electron integrals. This modification is necessary to account for the last term in Eq. (105). The density matrices are obtained as c rij,klc Dkl = = (110) K K A ~ A , :- b j k ~ i r (111) In order to vectorize these steps efficiently, many matrices A K and BK must fit simultaneously in high-speed memory. For further computational details we refer the reader to the original paper of Knowles and Handy6'. A disadvantage of using Slater determinants rather than spin eigenfunctions is an increased memory requirement.

Orthogonalization and Normalization of the Configurations As already mentioned, the configuration sets {'Y$}, (Y$} and {YqK)may not be orthogonal and are generally not normalized. jk 1O ) ( 1 30) This relation is easily obtained by matching the external indices. jl + pEi1,j k l o ) ( 3l) Hence. the overlap matrix is completely defined by the elements of the second= (01 E i k , j [ ( O ) . The configurations are order reduced density matrix automatically orthonormal if they differ in any external orbital or in the spin coupling of the external orbitals.

DIRECT MCSCF AND MCSCF-CI METHOIX 33 TABLE IX Convergence of state-averaged CASSCF calculations for the X and A states of NH,”. Iter. Energy diff! 0 bohr. 2). 2). Start with canonical SCF orbitals of electronic ground state. Active space (in C,, symmetry): 2a1-6a,, lb1-2b,, lb,-2b2, l a , orbital frozen. bChange of average energy in successive iterations. u. YE,,iR:i)4. , Ref. 47). Therefore, state-averaged calculations of the size shown in Tables VIII and IX were previously not possible. A typical example for the application of the state-averaging procedure is a calculation of the potential energy and transition moment surfaces for the and A electronic states of NH, * O .

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