Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Materials : Volume 40, by H. Kumakura, T. Hasegawa, H. Kobayashi, H. Kitaguchi, K.

By H. Kumakura, T. Hasegawa, H. Kobayashi, H. Kitaguchi, K. Togano, H. Maeda (auth.), Richard P. Reed, Fred R. Fickett, Leonard T. Summers, M. Stieg (eds.)

Superconductors: High-Temperature Superconductors: homes. High-Temperature Superconductors: Processing. High-Temperature Superconductors: purposes. High-Temperature Superconductors: movies and units. Cryconductors and Stabilizers. Low-Temperature Superconductors: AC Loss. Low-Temperature Superconductors: balance. Cryocooler fabrics. Cryoconductors. Low-Temperature Superconductors NbTi. Low-Temperature Superconductors: A15 Compounds. Structural fabrics: Nonmetallic Composites: houses and Radiation Resistance. Resins: homes and Radiation Resistance. Austenitic Steels: houses and Magnetic box results. Nickel-Base Alloys: homes. Aluminum Alloys: homes. distinctive Low-Temperature Mechanical-Property Phenomena. Coil Pack, Divertor, and Diode fabrics and Analyses. 183 articles. Index.

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P. Y. L. N. E. McHenry, Phys. Rev. B 45:7566 (1992). 23 HEAVY ION IRRADIATION OF Bi-2223 SILVER -CLAD TAPES FOR SUPERCONDUCTING CURRENT DENSITY ENHANCEMENT A. P. Malozemoff,a R. Wheeler IV,b W. L. Carter,a G. N. ,a M. A. Kirk,b L. Civalec and A. D. , Westborough MA 01581 bArgonne National Laboratory, 9700 S. , Argonne IL 60439-4838 cmM Research, Yorktown Heights NY 10598-0218 ABSTRACT Silver-clad composite tapes of ~i(Pb)SrCaCu0-2223 were irradiated with 1 GeV Au23+ ions perpendicular to the tape plane, creating columnar tracks with 10 nm diameter.

Of course, as shown by Fig. 4, they also have good performance in several Tesla below about 35 K, where motors and generators, superconducting magnetic energy storage and other power electronics applications Iook attractive, coupled to mechanical cryocoolers. There are also other promising materials on the horizon, such as the Tl and the recently discovered Hg family of cuprate superconductors, which may open up higher field performance at 77 K. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors thank L. Bulaevsky of Los Alamos National Laboratory for pointing out the intragranular contributions to the magnetic signal.

Angle of deviation ed [= 90°- cj>] of Je(cj>, B = Bapp) from the Je(cl> = 0, B) curve at 20 K, 64 K and 75 K for Bi-2223/Ag tapes. 8 Table 2. Critical current density Je. deviationangle ed, grain orientation distribution function width parameter o, and rocking curve (Q scan) width . For comparison, values for an untextured monocore thallium tape8 are included. 1 (Hysteretie) a of Grain Orient. ll Thesefilmsexhibit several key features important here. The Je values are at least an order of magnitude higher than that exhibited by the best tape samples at low temperature.

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