Agriculture: The Food We Grow and Animals We Raise by Julie Kerr Casper

By Julie Kerr Casper

Explores some of the most very important makes use of of the land: the creation of agriculture. This booklet is helping readers research that farms and ranches produce even more than nutrients; yet scientists, farmers, ranchers, and different landowners have not solved conservation difficulties - but.

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During the Civil War, the USDA collected and published crop and livestock statistics to help farmers determine what their goods were worth. Back then, the merchants who bought 31 32 agriculture the products from farmers knew more about critical market information than the farmers themselves. Because of that, farmers were taken advantage of and did not make as much money as they needed to. Statistics still keep farmers from being cheated today. The USDA’s Crop Reporting Board was a very important development.

The bale is then put onto a flatbed truck for transport. Hay is especially important when there is no grass in the pasture during winter. Many farm animals eat hay, including horses, cattle, and elk. Another important piece of farm equipment is the combine harvester, which can reap, thresh, winnow, and store grain as it cuts a path through a field of wheat. Before the combine harvester was developed, it took the effort of many people to accomplish the same tasks. Technology is also important for raising livestock.

Agriculture is the United States’ biggest employer. More than 21 million people have a job that is related to agriculture and the food industry. One farmer can feed 129 people. Americans spend roughly $2,328 each year on food for each person. In the year 1900, it took 35 to 40 labor hours to produce 100 bushels of corn. 5 hours and 1 acre of land are needed to produce the same amount. 7 million farms in the United States. Women operated 145,156 of those farms. 4 million acres of their land in reserve to protect the environment and provide habitat for wildlife.

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