An Evolutionist Deconstructs Creationism by Arndt von Hippel

By Arndt von Hippel

Regardless of one hundred fifty years of religion-based attacks upon the sciences that maintain our technological civilization, the explanatory and predictive powers of contemporary Evolution conception became key to leading edge advances in agriculture, biology, chemistry, laptop technology, ecology, geology, infectious ailments, paleontology, psychology, and plenty of different fields. So the query obviously arises- may Evolution thought open the best way for a rational research of creationist claims to absolute fact, ordinary legislation and divine suggestions? strangely sufficient, the answer's "Yes!"

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For the Catholic Church still firmly believes in the Devil and his ability to lead the unwary astray. Indeed, from their point of view, the fact that so many people think the Devil is nonexistent, simply confirms what a clever devil he really is! One gathers that those who are intent upon believing must be willing to grasp at straws, disregard or reinterpret all adverse evidence and return regularly to replenish their faith at life’s bottomless well of anecdotes and random coincidences. But just as the end of the Cold War caused consternation and consolidation throughout the military-industrial complex, so the remarkable recent decline in nefarious activities by the Devil has aroused Vatican concern.

So for some, the current Jewish State should not have happened. But no matter whom they may currently assail, despise, impeach, depose or kill, religious conservatives are actually fighting evidence-based reality. And that battle they will never win. After all, even the formerly totalitarian Catholic Church - which for over fifteen hundred years has infallibly declared Earth the immovable center of the Cosmos with Heaven up and Hell down while sun and stars traveled across the heavenly firmament each day - has recently had to admit that Earth is not flat - that Earth rotates as it circles the sun - that the sun is an ordinary star - that both sun and Earth are billions of years old - that there is no absolute up for Heaven or down for Hell - that the evolution of all life forms, including Catholics, is a fact - that God’s role in Creation was not as described in Genesis - and that the Bible “cannot be taken literally” because it is frequently wrong.

And at that point, this Rube Goldberg mechanism for removing money from the pockets of the poor, the ignorant, and the defeated, ran approximately as follows: Jesus died for your sins (some unspecified, some original), so your hypothetical (invisible, only recently defined) eternal soul finally has an opportunity for redemption through the Church that Jesus might have invented had He thought of it before His ordinary death. ). On the power and irrationality of Christian Guilt Christian guilt rapidly became an awesome force for social discipline as the ignorant masses finally accepted the Church’s claim that life was not a random, nasty, brutish and short event as it appeared - but rather an elaborate hoax - a divinely disguised trial in which the most intimate behavioral detail the loss of virginity, perhaps - or masturbation - or momentary disbelief might critically tilt the final determination on whether a soul deserved eternal bliss or was earmarked for eternal torment.

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