Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion by Carol Tavris

By Carol Tavris

"This landmark publication" (San Francisco Chronicle) dispels the typical myths concerning the factors and makes use of of anger -- for instance, that expressing anger is often right for you, that suppressing anger is usually dangerous, or that girls have exact "anger difficulties" that males don't. Dr. Carol Tavris expertly examines each aspect of that interesting emotion -- from genetics to emphasize to the craze for justice.

totally revised and up to date, Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion now contains:

* a brand new attention of organic politics: may still testosterone or PMS excuse rotten tempers or competitive activities? * The 5 stipulations below which anger could be powerful -- and whilst it is not. * thoughts for fixing particular anger difficulties -- continual anger, facing tricky humans, repeated kinfolk battles, anger after divorce or victimization, and competitive young ones.

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Our minds are wired for it. These minds of ours are the results of thousands of generations’ worth of good decisions. Any human who successfully navigated the early environment long enough to pass on his or her genes also passed on the tendency to make the decisions that helped that person survive. Their decisions helped shape the circuitry that we carry to this day. In a very real sense, our minds—Â�the combined systems that churn away beneath our conscious awareness—Â�are primitive minds built for a primitive environment.

More accurately, it’s his reaction to those hallucinations that causes his suffering. He assumes that the hallucinations are factual and that they must be acted upon. Relief comes only when he learns to observe and recognize his mind’s activity. He stops fighting the hallucinations and accepts them for what they are: experiences of the mind. In the movie, he learns to live with them. We know this to be an effective strategy in real life for managing hallucinations as well as for more common concerns such as anxiety and depression (Bach et al.

Emotions also tend to come with strong physical symptoms. Racing hearts, restless bladders, hair standing on end, the intangible quality of exhilaration—Â�we have no more control over these experiences than the emotions that spawn them. Like anything beyond our control, emotions can be pretty darned frustrating. But just like thoughts, emotions need not rule us. 44 Letting the Mind Do Its Job Learning to observe the deep structures of our so-called reptilian brain (an overly simplistic term, but it serves our purposes) has benefits similar to observing the mind.

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