Aniara : a review of man in time and space by Martinson, Harry

By Martinson, Harry

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R. Gardiner concluded that Buckingham 'must rank amongst the most incapable ministers of this or any other country'. 1 Twentieth-century historians have been equally censorious. H. R. 2 Clayton Roberts, an American historian, produced as damning a verdict on the Duke as it is possible to construct in a few sentences; Governed by pride and passion, swept by unreasonable hope and unreal dreams, devoid of wisdom and prudence, he rushed from one disaster to another ... His follies were not trivial, occasional or of a kind that can be explained away.

Somerset had begun to act 40 STATESMEN AND POLITICIANS OF THE STUART AGE increasingly high-handedly towards james, and now that he was married he found james's affections tiresome. He was also alarmed by the opposition which his marriage into the Howard family had aroused in some sections of the Court. When Somerset saw james's liking for Villiers he tried to stop Villiers's advancement. At first he had some success. In November 1614 james acceded to Somerset's request not to appoint Villiers to a post in the Bedchamber.

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