Anticancer Agents. Frontiers in Cancer Chemotherapy by Iwao Ojima, Gregory D. Vite, Karl-Heinz Altmann

By Iwao Ojima, Gregory D. Vite, Karl-Heinz Altmann

content material: melanoma drug discovery and improvement : new paradigms for a brand new millennium / E.A. Sausville ... [et al.] --
Evolutionary biosynthesis of anticancer medications / George R. Pettit --
a few fresh advancements within the synthesis and structure-activity courting of novel taxanes / John F. Kadow ... [et al.] --
New new release taxoids and hybrids of microtubule-stabilizing anticancer brokers / Iwao Ojima ... [et al.] --
Discodermolide and taxol : a synergistic drug mix in human carcinoma cellphone strains / Susan Band Horwitz ... [et al.] --
hugely effective semisynthesis of biologically lively epothilone derivatives / Gregory D. Vite ... [et al.] --
artificial and semisynthetic analogs of epothilones : chemistry and organic job / Karl-Heinz Altmann ... [et al.] --
Synthesis and organic task of epothilones / Ulrich Klar ... [et al.] --
Epothilones and sarcodictyins : from combinatorial libraries to designed analogs / Nicolas Winssinger and K.C. Nicolaou --
Synthesis and structure-activity dating experiences of cryptophycins : a singular category of powerful antimitotic antitumor depsipeptides / Chuan Shih ... [et al.] --
Farnesyltransferase inhibitors as capability anticancer brokers / J.B. Gibbs ... [et al.] --
Farnesyltransferase inhibitors : from squalene synthase inhibitors to the medical agent BMS-214662 / John T. Hunt --
Inhibiting farnesyl protein transferase with Sch-66336 : most likely a selective noncytotoxic treatment for human melanoma / A.G. Taveras ... [et al.] --
Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine and pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine derivatives as selective inhibitors of the EGF receptor tryosine kinase / G. Caravatti ... [et al.] --
STI571 : a brand new remedy modality for CML? / Jürg Zimmermann, Pascal Furet, and Elisabeth Buchdunger --
the invention and improvement of second-generation matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors for the remedy of melanoma / Andy Baxter and John Montana --
customers for antiangiogenic treatments dependent upon VEGF inhibition / Pascal Furet and Paul W. Manley --
Carbohydrate-based tumor antigens as antitumor vaccine brokers / Jennifer R. Allen and Samuel J. Danishefsky --
medications to augment the healing efficiency of anticancer antibodies : antibody-drug conjugates as tumor-activated prodrugs / Walter A. Blättler and Ravi V.J. Chari.

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However, these positions play an important role in the in vivo efficacy of the taxanes. They may modulate the solubility, pharmacokinetics, metabolism, and distribution of the compounds in the body. Previously we and others have described 7-deoxy(26-28), 7-halo(29, 30), or 7,19 cyclopropane derivatives(29-32), many incorporating modified sidechains. During the course of our program and others, 7 ethers, acetal ethers, and methyl thioethyl ethers(33-35), were also prepared. Modifications at the C-7 position of paclitaxel have been shown to reduce the effect of p-glycoprotein mediated multiple drug resistance in cancer cells(18, 36, 37) and now we also describe some modifications which can produce this effect.

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