The Library, Volume I: Books 1-3.9 (Loeb Classical Library by Apollodorus, James G. Frazer

By Apollodorus, James G. Frazer

The Library presents in 3 books a grand precis of conventional Greek mythology and heroic legends. Written in transparent and unaffected sort, the compendium faithfully follows the Greek literary resources. it truly is hence a major list of Greek debts of the starting place and early heritage of the area and their race. This paintings has been attributed to Apollodorus of Athens (born c. a hundred and eighty BCE), a pupil of Aristarchus. however the textual content as we've it used to be written through an writer most likely dwelling within the first or moment century of our period. In his hugely valued notes to the Loeb Classical Library variation (which is in volumes) J. G. Frazer cites the primary passages of alternative historic writers the place every one specific tale is instructed and compares a few of the models to these within the Library.

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4-6. Athanias, father of Aeolus's sons and their offspring The Phrixus and Helle (the Golden Fleece), ix. 1. deaths of Athamas and Ino, ix. 2. Sisyphus and his stone, ix. 3. Deion, ix. 4. Perieres, ix. 5. Magnes, : : Tyro, Salmoneus and his mock thunder, ix. 7. daughter of Salmoneus, mother of Neleus and Pelias, His grandsons ix. 8-10. Cretheus, husband of Tyro. Bias and the seer Melampus (the kine of Phylacus), ix. 11-13. Admetus, son of Pheres (son of Cretheus), and husband of Alcestis, ix. 14—15.

4. Belus's offspring Danaus and Egyptus, i. 4. Marriage of the sons of Egyptus with the daughters of Danaus (list, i. Nauplius the wrecker, son of Amymone, 5), i. 4-6. : i. 5. Acrisius and Proetus, grandsons of Lynceus and Hypermnestra, ii. 1. The daughters of Proetus are cured of their madness by Melampus, ii. 2. Bellerophon kills the Chimaera, iii. 1-2. Danae, daughter of Acrisius, with her infant son Perseus, floats to Seriphos, iv. 1. Perse us, sent by Polydectes. comes to the Phorcides ^^a~|tE£^^n^pI^ slays Medusa (birth of Pegasus)^ ivT-^7-fFees" ABm7)'meda, punishes Polydectes, iv.

3. Amphictyon, earth-born or son of Deucalion, xiv. 6. 4. Erichthonius, son of Hephaestus by Atthis or Athena, dedicates an image of Athena on the Acropolis and institutes the Panathenaic festival, xiv. 6. 5. Pandion, son of Erichthonius in his reign Demeter conies to Celeus at Eleusis, and Dionysus comes to Icarius (^death of Erigone), xiv. 7. Pandion's daughters Procne and Philomela (Tereus), xiv. 8. : 6. Erechthens, son of Pandion his priestly brother Butes, his children, xv. 1. Chthonia. Procris and Cephalus (Minos), xv.

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