Astrology in Roman Law and Politics by Frederick H. Cramer

By Frederick H. Cramer

Booklet by way of Cramer, Frederick H.

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This consummate Hellenistic philologist seems to have met with an accident on the primitive streets of Rome after his diplomatic mission was completed. H e broke his leg in a fall and was laid up for some time. F ar from sympathizing with his misadventure, however, Rome’s philhellenes crowded his sickroom, eager to listen to his discourse. Although Suetonius in record­ ing this episode78 probably exaggerated in asserting that thus for the first time did educated Romans become directly acquainted with that Hellenistic branch of studies pursued by the so-called grammarians, it can hardly be doubted that, prior to the advent of Crates, no gram­ marian of such calibre had held forth in Rome.

1; Aulus Gellius, IS, 1, 1. Gellius errs, however, in beliving that the decree was directed against Latin philosophers and rhetoricians. In 161 B. c. too few o f these if any would be found in Rome to w arrant senatorial action. a0 Plutarch, Cato maior. 22. 1; Polybius, 33. 2, 8-9; Gellius. 6. 14, 8. 81 Cicero, Acad. 2, 45, 137; de oratore 2. 37, 155; epist. ad A tt. 12. 23; Tuscul. disp. 4, 3, 5; Pliny, Nat. H ist. 7, 30, 18; Gellius, 17, 21, 48. M Cicero's ( fictitious) dialogue with the older Cato as the chief speaker was supposed to have taken place in 150.

U r n F ig . 11. From F . Boll; compare D. Amand. Fatalisme et liberie dans I*antiquity grecque: 1-28. of the Academy, chose a century later probably as his chief source of arguments against divination in general when in his own essay on the subject he left the defense of it to his brother, Quintus, reserving for himself the presentation of the — essentially Cam eadic101 — refutaPhilo, de aeternitate mundi, I l f . 1,1 P. W endland, Philos Schrift ueber die Vorsehung: 37, n. 2, Berlin, 1892; compare the review by F.

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