Warriors of Poseidon 7 Atlantis Redeemed by Alyssa Day

By Alyssa Day

The destiny of Atlantis is at the line-and the way forward for the realm is at stake... Poseidon's warriors have realized that the conflict to guard humanity produces unforeseen enemies-and alliances. yet none extra unforeseen than the bond among a cursed Atlantean warrior and a lady whose sight surpasses any lie.

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He did not feel pain, and he could not sense the terror. He felt precisely nothing, save for a vast, bleak emptiness in the wasteland of his soul, where—just moments ago—his emotions had resided. He slowly picked up his dagger from where it had fallen into the filth and made his way to the door. He must return to Atlantis and face the punishment for this transgression. He realized that he neither feared nor dreaded the outcome. Dread, then, was also an emotion. He dispassionately began a mental category of what he had lost, although he was unable to feel the loss itself.

She blinked. She’d almost forgotten Rick was still on the line. “You’re right. Speaking of which, I’d better get out of this car before I look suspicious. ” Tiernan grabbed her leather backpack and fake press credentials, put on her slightly ditzy “Tracy Baum” smile, and stepped out of the car. She took a deep breath and raised her mental shields as she straightened up to her full height, keeping the ditzy smile pasted on her face. The smile was part of her cover. The shields were part of her sanity.

The headline. Front page, above the fold: SCIENTISTS’ EVIL PLOT FOILED: SHAPE-SHIFTERS AND HUMANS SAVED But the image of her success kept fading. Wavering. Replaced by a pair of ice-green eyes. Slamming the car door shut, she wondered where in the hell the valet was. Maybe hiding behind the long hedge that bordered the hotel, sneaking a smoke. Maybe grabbing a quick bite to eat. She shot a considering glance at the vampmobile again, and felt the edges of her lips quirk up into a twisted grimace of a smile.

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