Atrial Fibrillation Information for you, and your family, by New Zealand Guidelines Group

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L; cf. 40. 8 cm. 288 Πάντος 1987-88, 96, fig. 1-3, drawing 1. 289 Πάντος 1987-88, 98, note 35. 290 Vlassa 1963; Hood 1968; Renfrew 1979; Masson 1984, 112-122 with relevant bibliography. 11,3. 292 See above, note 249. 293 Χουρμουζιάδης 1996, 46, 47, fig. on p. 5. The tablet is under study by Professor Hourmouziadis. Its contribution will certainly be very precious for the understanding of Neolithic sign systems. ) (double, triple etc. 294 If written language comes from linking numerals with elements from representational art, and if script evolves through the common use of more than one system of graphic representation in common settings (as was said about Mesoamerican systems), then only arithmetic could permit this evolution.

An Early Vinca, oval clay plaque with incised meander, surrounded by chevrons and semicircles comes from Banjica (Gimbutas 1982, 131, fig. 89). In addition, some objects are pierced and apparently were used as amulets or pendants. b. Signs on artefacts). 3, pi. la. 5 Cokhadjevl984. 7 Marangou in press. 'Marangou 1992, 17. ' Marangou 1996a, 149. } Renfrew 1987. 1 D'Errico 1998,43. 4 ARTEFACTS AS S I G N S AND SIG Ν S ON ARTEFACTS 23 in the code of the system. He argues that in this period, as in modern times, sign systems may integrate at the same time iconic and symbolic elements.

229 Winn 1981, 197. 30 Neither the order nor the direction of the inscription has been considered of importance. 231 Winn 1981, 145. 232 Roska 1941 and Vlassa 1970. 233 Winn 1981, 148, 151, 164. 234 Winn 1981, 158. 23 In contrast to the unique corpus of signs of figurines,239 whorls seem, therefore, sometimes to fulfil ordinary needs, serving perhaps as mnemonic devices. 2 Whorls are sometimes found with figurines and/or miniature vases in the Late Neolithic242 (see further). 244 iv) Tablet-like objects seem to be a more credible script/accounting medium.

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