Basic Motivation and Human Behaviour: Control, Affiliation by Velibor Bobo Kovac

By Velibor Bobo Kovac

This publication explores how and why people are encouraged to behave within the ways in which they do. The chapters research the origins of a given motion instead of their superficial visual appeal, that may usually be deceptive. Kovac integrates the present wisdom of the sphere of motivation right into a better theoretical framework by way of adopting either analytical and holistic views.

This theoretical framework means that all human behaviour evolves from the 3 basic underlying developments attached to the techniques of keep an eye on, association and self-expression which are additional converted through the mechanism of balanced twin pressure. those traits are conceptualised as platforms of interrelated mental wishes that consultant and govern various human actions.

As such, this ebook can be worthy to upper-level scholars and researchers of cognitive and social psychology and all students attracted to human motivation.

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He establishes three broad domains: the construction of understanding, acting on and in the world and coming to terms with self. These domains attempt to describe the way in which individuals make sense of the social and nonsocial world around them, the ways individuals engage in changing the environment and the ways in which they manage the self-concept. The construction of understanding is theoretically connected to accuracy and control motivation. One of the sections in this review pays particular attention to the motivation to be consistent in terms of internal processes.

Over the years, his classification included approximately 18 of these “innate propensities”. Instinct is originally defined as “an inherited or innate psycho physical disposition which determines its possessor to perceive, and to pay attention to, objects of a certain class, to experience an emotional excitement of a particular quality upon perceiving such an object, and to act in regard to it in a particular manner, or, at least, to experience an impulse to such action (McDougall, 1908, p. ” Every instinct is seen as eliciting a specific emotion.

It is also possible to detect a notion of systems thinking as these fundamental needs are perceived to be interrelated and thus jointly contributing to behavioural manifestations. Indeed, the idea of systems thinking in general and the conceptualisation of motivation as a system of interrelated need processes are frequently applied in the relevant literature. This is somewhat expected considering that the usage of the term “systems” underlines the dynamic aspect of the underlying motivational process as opposed to the static description of the underlying structure.

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