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You can only watch as he picks off two Lizard Men with his arrows. Then, from the low branch of a nearby tree, the Sabretoothed Tiger leaps down at the inhuman enemy. The mounts of the remaining Lizard Men shy away, furn and run. Snag chases them for a short while, then gives up and rehrms to the scene of the battle. It sniffs the Lizard Man corpses for a moment before turning up its nose and kotting back to its master. Turn to 24o. 97 You continue on your way, hacking at the tangled orrdergro\ /th.

You look up in panic,and seean immense golden tiger dancing in the atuabove you. Somethingin the back of your mind tells you that it is an illusion, but your imagination tellsyou that it is real, and very, very terifying! Do you remember the storiesof the panther-godsof the jungle tribes? Roll two dice; if you roll lessthan or equal to your sKrl-r- score,you defeat your fear (tum to 239). ff you roll more than your sKrLL score,deduct 1 srAMrNApoiflt and testagain,andagain,until you succeed oi areliterallyscaledto deathl a6j-a67 a6E a6s Thenarrow,rough-hewn passage slopesdownfor some considerabledistance and ends at a narow doorway.

9r Moreby luck thaniudgementyou manageto steer the lizard in the right direction, away from the battle. You urgeyour mount forward, pleadingwith it to jump the baricades. If you roll6, turn to 260- 92-9t 94-95 92 The sudden light is blinding - but the enonirous Black Panthe! recove$ filst. Wicked claws slashai youi deduct 2 STAMTNApoints. BLACK PANTHER sKrLL10 stAMrNA 10 Ifyou defeatthe savagecreature,turn to 44. Youcreepftom thecastlJisthefirstraysof light are touching the tallest towers. Away to the west you canhearbattlebeingjoinedasa groupofdefenders male a suicidalattackon the Lizard Man linesin the hope that they will divert attention away from you.

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