Before The Muses: An Anthology Of Akkadian Literature by Benjamin R. Foster

By Benjamin R. Foster

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TiSft): HCKii ^ewos 'eriii: :r:ik edlEu ifeoiek :ooiiii: ‘[aD O E' tpre^ 2. V E R S E S T R U C T U R E As for verse structure,^ individual lines o f poetry generally consist o f complete sentences or thoughts. Each line tends to be divided into halves, sometimes indi­ cated, especially in later manuscripts, by a blank space in the middle o f the line. Each half line tends to consist o f three or four words, and the fine is divided so as to allow patterning o f stress units. Lines o f poetry often come in pairs (distiches), which can be related to each other by sound, stress patterning, and meaning.

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