Bio-inspired polymers by Nico Bruns, Andreas F M Kilbinger, Ben Zhong Tang, Christoph

By Nico Bruns, Andreas F M Kilbinger, Ben Zhong Tang, Christoph Weder, Hans Borner, Laura Hartmann, Jean-Francoise Lutz, Erik Berda, J Herbert Waite, Jorg Tiller, Bruce Lee, Neil Cameron, Geoff Spinks, Wolfgang Meier, Lei Jiang, Silvia Vignolini, Rolf Mulhau

Many key features of lifestyles are in accordance with obviously happening polymers, akin to polysaccharides, proteins and DNA. Unsurprisingly, their molecular functionalities, macromolecular constructions and fabric houses are supplying concept for designing new polymeric fabrics with particular capabilities, for instance, responsive, adaptive and self-healing materials.

Bio-inspired Polymers covers all points of the topic, starting from the synthesis of novel polymers, to structure-property relationships, fabrics with complicated houses and functions of bio-inspired polymers in such different fields as drug supply, tissue engineering, optical fabrics and light-weight structural materials.

Written and edited by means of top specialists at the subject, the booklet offers a accomplished evaluation and crucial graduate point textual content on bio-inspired polymers for biochemists, fabrics scientists and chemists operating in either and academia.

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2). 1 Schematic presentation of a linear glycopolymer with pendant sugar ligands in the side chain. org | 34 OH HO HO OH O X X X X X ‘glycomonomer approach‘ ‘post-functionalization approach‘ OH + OH OH OH HO HO X HO HO OH O X OH O X HO HO HO HO OH O HO HO HO HO OH O X OH OH O O H O H O X X X Glycomonomer vs. post-functionalization approaches. 1039/9781782626664-00031 Glycopolymers 35 prior to polymerization. This will be referred to here as the ‘glycomonomer approach’. g. to functional groups in the side chains.

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