Biofuels by David Armentrout, Patricia Armentrout

By David Armentrout, Patricia Armentrout

Our renowned Let’s discover technology sequence provides new titles that handle present sizzling issues in technology and critical technology criteria. Readers will research present informaiton concerning the surroundings, illness, genetics, and the sunlight process.

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Ethanol industry with raw biomass. Fuel for Thought Ethanol factories add enzymes to giant tanks of Some experts are concerned corn. The enzymes help that farmers will not be convert corn sugars into able to grow enough corn to satisfy our need for both alcohol in a process called food and fuel. fermentation. The finished product, ethanol, is added to gasoline to make gasohol. Gasohol is a blend of 90 percent gasoline and 10 percent ethanol. S. Most car engines burn gasohol as easily as they burn gasoline.

42 43 CHAPTER SIXTEEN The Energy Puzzle Can we solve the energy puzzle before it’s too late? Bright minds and hard working people are trying to put the pieces together. Biofuels and other renewable energies seem to offer hope for an energy hungry world, but experts will first have to overcome many challenges. Someday soon, a motivated scientist will find the missing piece to the world’s energy puzzle. Maybe it will be you! S. Energy Information Administration Further Reading Solway, Andrew. Biofuels.

Biopower plants generate electricity by burning biomass. They work much like fossil fuel power plants. The biggest difference is the fuel. Biopower plants burn agricultural and forestry waste as well as scrap from industry. Most power plants burn fuel in giant furnaces. The furnaces boil water, which turns to steam. The steam spins a turbine. The turbine rotates a magnet around a coil of wire generating electricity. 42 43 CHAPTER SIXTEEN The Energy Puzzle Can we solve the energy puzzle before it’s too late?

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