Biologically Active Molecules: Identification, by Wolfgang Steglich (auth.), Prof. Dr. Urs Peter Schlunegger

By Wolfgang Steglich (auth.), Prof. Dr. Urs Peter Schlunegger (eds.)

Over the previous few years there was a awesome and swift improvement of contemporary analytical tools, and the fields of nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry were no exception. as well as having the ability to do "more and faster", new leading edge thoughts have additionally arisen to give a contribution to a growing to be realizing of the connection among chemical constitution and organic job. so that it will discover many of the extra attention-grabbing issues of these advancements and purposes, a seminar "From organic job to constitution" was once prepared from September 5-7, 1988, at Interlaken. The 4 invited audio system, Richard M. Caprioli, Howard R. Morris, Wolfgang Steglich and Dudley H. Williams have been variety sufficient to wait and talk about many points in their study, in particular methodological and technical advancements and their functions to precise difficulties. members have been brought to non-stop circulate FAB (fast atom bombardment) and its use, for instance, within the actual time tracking of biochemical reactions in vitro and in vivo; the structural elucidation of secondary metabolites from fungi; the research of molecule-receptor interactions; the choice of posttranslational alterations of peptides; and the positioning of S-S bridges in opting for the tertiary constitution of proteins.

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It is often the case that from structure we return to biological activity in several ways. For example, this may be by chemical synthesis of the molecule in the laboratory in order to produce greater quantities of the compound at decreased cost, or by chemical modification of the original compound in order to increase its potency, to change its physical and chemical properties, or to decrease its side effects. It is through this cyclic process that we hope to identify chemical compounds that are important to life processes, learn how they interact with one another, and finally regulate and control these processes to our advantage.

QUANTITATION Quantitation using FAB has been demonstrated by a number of investigators under a variety of conditions. quanti tati ve aspects If one considers the of an analysis done by mass spectrometry, several assumptions are normally made; 1) ion current is proportional to concentration, 2) ion current is unaffected by the presence of other compounds, and 3) chemically similar compounds have similar ionization efficiencies. With respect to FAB, the evaluation of these considerations is not straightforward.

Modern instrumental methods commonly employed include mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry. It is emphasized that all of these methods are used in combination to solve structural problems, and as the size and complexity of the compounds increase, so does the importance of these methodological interactions. II • AN OVERVIEW OF MASS SPECTROMETRY The use of mass spectrometry in the biological sciences goes back many years, beginning in the 1930's with stable isotope abundance measurements and the use of isotopes as tracers.

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