Black & Decker 24 Weekend Projects for Pets: Dog Houses, Cat by David Griffin

By David Griffin

Such a lot puppy proprietors hold not less than types of animals-dogs and cats are the most typical pairings-and a shockingly huge quantity hold much more animals. household birds; puppy rabbits, mice and different rodents; ferrets, snakes, turtles-some humans will also bring up a goat or potbellied pig or . On best of this, so much fans of family pets also are are enthusiastic supporters of flora and fauna. feeding birds and squirrels all iciness lengthy, or growing shelters for butterflies, toads, or even bats.

This publication presents approximately dozen creative and enjoyable homemade tasks for an individual who loves animals of all types-from lowly insects to aristocratic purebred express pets. this can be a ideal ebook for folks or grandparents introducing kids to the wonders of elevating pets and staring at natural world.

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