Blake's Progress (AKA Timequest) by R. F. Nelson

By R. F. Nelson

Laser Books, December 1975 unlock. The poet William Blake and his spouse Catherine discover unusual occasions and dimensions. Rewritten as "Time Quest" in 1985.

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It wouldn't be fair if we made our choice here in Rintrah. " Urizen spoke coldly. "Let us go home to London, to our own century, to our own home, Mr. Urizen. " William turned on her, face red with anger. "This is our home now, Kate! Rintrah! And the whole range of time from beginning to end. For us to return to our old life now would be like a butterfly trying to squeeze back into his cocoon. " Urizen smiled. Kate shook her head vigorously, "No, no, Mr. Blake. You think like that because you're so easily influenced.

He pulled her to her feet. " Her voice was like that of a baby asking where the world comes from. " She frowned again. " Her voice was flat, emotionless. " Suddenly her mind was clear. " Los grinned. " she snapped. " "We, Mrs. Blake? " "No, I'm sorry. We have voted a new policy. No more struggling against Urizen. Let Urizen have his way. He's so sure he's in the right, and we have never been sure we were. " He nodded slowly. "Yes, Mrs. Blake. You may do what you wish against him, but we will remain here in Vala's Garden until the Sun explodes.

She leaned her broom against the wall. "We must talk, Mr. Blake. " She led him into the living room. " she asked him quietly. "Yes, Kate. " Kate nodded. " Again she nodded. That too was true. " "I needn't have asked. " Her voice, which had been flat and tired, now had an edge on it. His voice, too, changed as he answered, grew hard and angry. "Yes he did. A better offer than the other Zoas. " "It's a good home we have here, Mr. Blake, and it's rather an easy life you have of it here, doing whatever you like all the time.

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