Happy Hearts by Ruth K. Hobbs

By Ruth K. Hobbs

Christian tales for kids.

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Happy Hearts

Christian tales for kids.

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Pay son. asked "Mr. Fisher gets drunk," said Joshua; "and Mrs. " to Payson. "Shall nothing for children? " we leave poor Mrs. her we said try Mrs. to do and her dear They are often cold HAPPY HEARTS. want They are for of clothes 25 and a fire. hungry, because often Mr. Fisher gets drunk, and unkind to them. " said all the children at once. " "Poor much little Martha older than daughter," "yet she said is you Mrs. obliged is not are, my Payson; to work MAPLE GROVE 26 STOEIES. quite hard; for her mother is sick and her father is poor.

HAPPY HEARTS. CHAPTER IV. WHAT THE STARS ^ T ^ ~^L stars yet f SAW. were winking the through pine trees on Christmas morning, ' BB^,- _^_Pf when the Httle sons **$n/ji& ''^^li/ shouting " Pay wen t their "merry Christmas" through the house. Santa Glaus stockings had with just filled what their they MAPLE G-ROVE 48 most wanted. know should STORIES. Strange that he so well ! There could be no more mornnow, and while the were shutting their eyes naps ing stars -the early breakthe children might go Bridget prepared so fast, with their hearts happy their gifts to gladden those needed kind words and and who good deeds.

When closed stars in little winked eyelids were that night, the and smiled over sleep little HAPPY HEARTS. 55 that were brimful hearts of love ; because, had grown rich.

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